Cloud Computing Strategies in Improving Education Essay

Cloud Computing Strategies in Improving Education Essay

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Instead of having the internal factor, from the SWOT analysis also will analyze the external factor which is the opportunity and threat of implementing cloud computing. The opportunity that having by the cloud computing is consist of it can lead to business entrepreneur, establish the infrastructure, and existing infrastructures with strong resources will strong communication networks.
By applying the cloud computing in Malaysia Higher Educational Institution, it will lead to the business entrepreneur as the web-based application has the variety of function inside it. Instead of having the variety function and application needed, the web based application also consist of new advertisement update for those of doing the business and it will increase the profits of users involve. So, the web based application is not only establish the education institution, but it also can increase the profits follow the rules and regulation of each university or college.
As the cloud computing developed the set of network within department in educational institution, the infrastructure of the university will establish because of increasing operational efficiency and focus resources on services that are institutional differentiators. By implementing the cloud computing in educational institution, it can establish the infrastructure of the college or university by the systematic network that have been developed through the variety combination of software needed spread by the cloud for each department or faculty in institution. Thus, when all variety software have been combine to a cloud, it become more systematic to manage the system without no need to upgrade variety software of each PC in each department that indirectly increase cost. It show, ...

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...tion and indirectly can increase the number of educational institution to apply cloud computing and to stay competitive with educational institutions in Malaysia.
Furthermore, the management of Higher educational can have the guidance from the establish organization in order to apply the cloud computing. They can have fully consultant from IT Company or any well establish organization that exist in the market. Hence, it will help them easily implementing the cloud system instead of using the traditional method of installation software to the desktop PC.
In addition, in order to apply the cloud computing in higher educational institution, the government should encourage them with the cost support to develop the new web based application. It is because, not all Higher Educational have the well enough cost in order to apply the cloud computing to their organization.

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