Cloud Computing Makes Life Easier Essay

Cloud Computing Makes Life Easier Essay

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2.1 Definition of Cloud Computing
Cloud computing are functions that are provided as a service. Cloud computing is a form where Input and Output(I/O) operations take place in terminal device such as workstations, smartphones, tablets. However, information analysis, processing, storage, management and distribution of operations takes place in the third space called the cloud. Software and data are typically stored on the server in the cloud. However, the users only have their device as temporary storage for the duration of use. Most users can use the cloud service over the internet using the browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari without understanding about technology infrastructure. Cloud service is an on-demand service used to satisfy the user.

2.2 Benefits of Cloud Computing
Once users register themselves in the cloud, they have an easy access to information and content using mobile devices from anywhere with an internet connection. The cloud can significantly lower the expenses for using Information Technology (IT). Traditional desktop software costs users and companies a lot in terms of finance and in adding up the licensing fee for multiple users. However, cloud computing providers share their complex infrastructures and servers, as well as offer to maintain and upgrade their services. Users only pay for the storage they use and they do not need to take additional efforts to maintain and upgrade their applications, which saves them money. There are one-time payment, pay-as-you-go and other scalable options available, which makes it very reasonable for individual users and the company in question. This is available at much cheaper rate. Plus, Services in the scalable systems of the clou...

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