Cloud Computing and The Future Essay

Cloud Computing and The Future Essay

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Cloud Computing and The Future
Our future in computing is moving into a whole new direction called Cloud Computing. Many questions and issues have arisen from this new adventure in computing. For us to understand cloud computing we must first learn what it is. Once we have established that knowledge we can then venture out to the advantages and disadvantages, types of models, and finally services in cloud environments. We will see the correlation of information that leads into how cloud computing affects us today or in our near future.

Cloud Computing and The Future
What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is described as “dumb” terminals (Bowles, M.D. 2013, Chapter 9.4). In other words, it is a way of renting computers, storage and network by the hour from companies that have these resources already established in their data center. One of the companies that are utilizing this technique is and many other organizations are modeling their clouds after them. It works in a similar way as electricity, when you turn your lights on you are getting charged for the electricity that you are utilizing and when you shut the power off you are not being charged. Many companies charge you the same way as the utility company, you are only paying for the applications that you are utilizing. In a nutshell, you are using programs from many different servers. Examples of cloud computing are: iTunes, documents, Apps, calendar, backup data, and synchronization.
Types of Models
Cloud models are the physical arrangement of the infrastructure and the services the end user will receive. Here are a few types of models:
Private Cloud one has exclusive use of an isolated cloud.
Public Cloud th...

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...this time outweigh the advantages of the service, cost savings is not enough to justify a full transformation.

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