Essay Cloud Computing and New Technology

Essay Cloud Computing and New Technology

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New technologies raise new ethical challenges besides new technical problems. Cloud computing is the recent technology in IT that moves the data away from portable storage devices to large data centers called cloud. It basically means that every application given as services over the Internet to the user. In the view of User it is accessing his/her files, programs and other services through Internet which are hosted by other service providers. One more aspect of cloud computing is the cost effectiveness of this technology which attracted enterprises to use this technology to consume their IT services in a cost effective way. With the Commercialization of this technology, the hype around the Cloud computing technology growing in lightning speed. Now the Cloud Computing is in use, but still it is an emerging technology. It is a unknown thing that, how this technology can be used and for what purposes it will be used and what kind of ethical issues these developments will rise in future. A Precautionary Principle is obtained to control the rise of ethical issues. It is good to react before unexpected consequences occurs through these ethical issues. The technical problems can be solved at the time of rise but ethical problems need to be identified prior to the development to the success of the technology.
Cloud Computing is growing rapidly and now it is used by great number of individuals and organizations. But they are not concerned about the ethical issues related to this technology .They need to discuss the ethical issues widely so that the technology can be used in a proper way. The range and the diverse innovations included in the technology makes the meaning of cloud computing a ‘Conceptual Muddle ‘ (Moor 2006 & Vaquero et al.2...

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...they have to speculate possible ways of solving these issues in forward.
In conclusion to avoid ethical issues related to cloud computing precautionary principle is an approach to deal with. The precautionary principle is that we should be in preventive mode in the development stage of the technology so that the raised ethical issues will have a solution. The precautionary is to prevent harm from unknown happenings without hampering the development of the technology. There are many more ethical issues are there which are not identified till now. Developers has to identify these problems .This does not mean that development and implementations abort all together. By solving the ethical issues the developers can give trust on the technology to the users. Then users can use this technology without any negotiations which will finally lead to the success of technology.

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