Cloud Based Saas Solutions For Contact Centers Essay

Cloud Based Saas Solutions For Contact Centers Essay

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Before the recent tech growth of the last decade and the rise of cloud-based SaaS solutions for contact centers, most functions of every department were highly manual processes. The Quality Management department was no different. In its infancy Quality Management in contact centers was conducted by team leaders or Supervisors listening to live calls while filling out a check list to identify is defined aspects of the call were handled appropriately. The primary flaw with this method was that the calls couldn’t be played to reviewed in a coaching session. Flash-forward the early 2000’s and we now have some Quality Managers/Analysts monitoring recorded calls instead of live listening. These Individual Quality agents painstakingly listened to hand-picked calls (sometimes multiple times each), pausing and hand-scoring several agent calls per hour. The main purpose was to get feedback to agents and supervisors to continually improve the performance of each agent. The general issue here was that the Quality team spent a tremendous amount of time searching for calls worthy of evaluating. Typically, a Quality Analyst would be aiming to evaluate a specific type of call (i.e. a successfully closed sale, a missed sales opportunity, a service call, etc.) and the process of trying to find specific call types was more about luck than ability.
A Hard Day’s Night
If you were really lucky, evaluation scores were being tracked in a spreadsheet, but more often than not they were scored on printed forms, transposed into something else and printed on a Dot Matrix printer. Measuring and tracking trends for agent improvement, compliance items, and first call resolution often meant lots of arithmetic (on an actual calculator) and time spent compiling in...

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...dget if you find the right technology partner(s).
Ticket to Ride
With the growing ubiquity of Speech Analytics software in the contact center industry, you can be sure that if you’re not using it, you have competitors who are. More importantly, if you’re not using it you’re not gathering statistically valid sample sizes of data from interactions with your customers. The level of performance analytics that you’re not able to produce is being used by other companies to gain a competitive advantage against you. Similarly, if you’re not listening and quantifying what your customers are telling you the opportunity to make noticeable improvements is more than likely driven by complaints. But why let things become sour for your customers before you react? The Quality Management train is at your station and the ticket is in your hands, jump on board and reap the benefits!

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