Essay on Clothes and Fashion of the Elizabethan Era

Essay on Clothes and Fashion of the Elizabethan Era

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Of all aspects of Elizabethan culture, the most distinctive is probably the clothing and fashion. A lot of the clothing varied to whether they were a member of the nobility, upper class or the poor. But even if a women or man was wealthy or poor, they were not allowed to wear whatever they wanted. It was a highly fashioned age that prized a look that was artificial, elaborate, and striking. The style of clothing of the Elizabethan Era are easily recognizable today and popular with designers of historic costume.
The reign of Queen Elizabeth l refers back to the Elizabethan period in costume. Elizabeth became one of the most famous monarchs in the world. She was the daughter of King Henry Vlll and Ann Boleyn. She ascended the throne of England after her sister's death. However, England was basically still a feudal society. The nuclear family, servants, and apprentices had to live close due to the Elizabethan culture, but most of the people lived in the country. A lot of Elizabeth's challenges were several outbursts of plague, war with Spain, Irish troubles, and a large amount of unemployed people. But even all through those hard times, she still ruled a great and powerful nation.
Now, let's talk more about the fashion. This is a list of the most main elements in Elizabethan dress. Almost the entire silhouette of fashion transformed itself during the fifty years. The difference and variation between the clothing worn by the nobility and the poor was almost as great. What a women or man wore depended on their age, taste body type and background. A lot of the older women wore more traditional outfits more than the younger women. They all had different styles and tastes so their clothing could be very different from another person....

... middle of paper ... caps that were made from a coarser material like wool. The shirts were just made by a rougher fabric. Although, shirts weren't that expensive, people in that era just didn't have large wardrobes. The average man might only own a couple shirts. As for the breeches, they had less selection when it came to fine materials. Usually they were just made from cheap and coarse fabric.
Even though there is a huge difference between today's fashion and yesterday's fashion, it's always interesting to take a look back at what happened during their time and our time. On the bright side, people no longer have to follow such strict rules just by the person's class. You can be your own unique self. And also wear whatever you want without someone telling you. The style of clothing of the Elizabethan Era are easily recognizable today and popular with designers of historic costume.

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