Closing the Gap in Theologies and Religious Education Essay

Closing the Gap in Theologies and Religious Education Essay

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As the editor and contributing author, Miller et al. (1995) divided Theologies in religious education, into three parts, an entire 13 chapters. Although, “ethics does not necessarily require religious grounding” (MacKinnon, 2012, p. 4) each author’s scholarship reads as a qualitative research study, in some form, the study also aligned with philosophical ethics—divine command theory or the prescribed natural law, to include significant references to ethical terminology as right, good, ought, and virtuous. Consequently, three of the studies were profound in content as qualitative research. Those approaches were (a) feminist method—Feminist theology, (b) narrative design—Narrative theology, and (c) phenomenon study—Black theology. Miller et al. (1995) Theologies of religious education represented a collection of authors whose practice is academia. In further analyses, each author’s point-of-view is also a collected mix of metaethics, moral theory, and philosophical interpretation. Further, the authors’ writings contained similar archetypes: doctrine, pedagogy, differentiated instruction, community focus, and social change; were used to draw connections between the obvious and implied theories for closing the gap in theologies and religious education.
For substantiating their point of view, integrating theology, and closing the gap of theologies in religious education, each author’s contexts relied mostly on their consciences, ethical theory, ethos of the early Presbyterian Church, and the seminal work of Calvin (trans. 1948), Pradervand (1960), theologian Aquinas (1920), and philosopher Aristotle (trans. 1976). In like manner, the historical facts were annotated, and demonstrated the denominational foundation for theology...

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