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Chapter Two - Closer Connection
Zip, I laced up my combat boots. I then put on some black skinny jeans and my favorite maroon hoodie.
Then, using some new hair dye, I re-did my streak. Since my hair didn’t get blow dried last night, it was slightly curled. Lastly, I put on some foundation, mascara, and grey eye shadow. I’m going to have to try extra hard to look good today. Last night’s beating was far worse than anything I’ve had before. Hiding all the damage is going to be a big challenge.
It was six a.m. school doesn’t start for another hour and it only takes thirty minutes to walk the mile. But I have to leave before Ashley gets up. I do not want to see her. I grabbed my backpack and hopped out the window and started to walk. As I hiked, I built up the courage to look at my scars. They were all scabbed.
Last night is fuzzy. I remember it, but it’s not crystal clear. One of the head blows might have jacked up my memory a bit. But it didn’t jack it up enough to erase it from my mind, I remember the first hit. I remember the wooden paddle slamming into my back. This was immediately followed by several strikes to the head. Then my arms, shoulders, legs and face. Each hit gave me several splinters. I still remember.
I remember every beating. Every time, every drop of blood I ever shed. I remember.
I also remember mystery boy. The entire reason I got into this mess. We’ve only spoken once. I wonder if he remembers me. Of course he doesn’t, people never remember me.
I kept moving. Gravel rolled underneath my feet. Animals rushed throughout the forest. The morning fog was here, all the usual.
I started to go closer to the tree line. I never enjoyed the open road. In the forest I could see wild flowers of every color. Birds...

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“Yes,” I growled at him.
“Oh come on Chris, let her,” Lyndzy begged, “Maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll get suspended.”
Taylor chimed in, “Expelled!”
“Deportation!” they both squealed.
“You two have fun with that,” Chris said pulling me away. I reached toward the top shelf in my locker. My sleeve fell down, exposing the big gash in my arm. I tried to cover it up, but I wasn’t quick enough. Chris grabbed my arm, “What happened? Who did this to you?”
I quickly got out of his grasp and pulled my sleeve down. “I fell,” I lied badly. What really happened was Ashley. She cut me.
“On what?”
I stuttered, “I fell down… a tree.”
He looked at me, “What did you land on?”
“A rock,” I smiled at him, “A sharp rock.” Apparently, my lie worked. He nodded hugged me and left. I sighed in relief. That was close. I can’t let anyone know. If I do, I’m dead.

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