Close Your Eyes And Picture The Grand Canyon Essay

Close Your Eyes And Picture The Grand Canyon Essay

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Close your eyes and picture the Grand Canyon. What did you see? Most likely the natural beauty and vastness of the canyon with the blue backdrop of a cloudless sky. What I’m guessing you didn’t picture was the reality of thousands of tourists swarming nearby with their cameras at the ready to capture the perfect image. Susan Sontag believed that taking pictures as a tourist on a trip will ruin the moment and that instead you should just experience it in the present. While I agree that incessantly taking picture to try and get the perfect one can detract from the moment at hand, over all, taking photos on a trip is a great way to preserve a memory, allowing you to relive it and feel a warm sense of nostalgia every time you look at them.
My first trip out of the United States was to Anguilla when I was seven years old. Not only was this my first time out of the United States, but it was also my first time with my own camera. Granted it was just a little disposable camera my mom had bought me before we left at CVS, but it was all mine and I couldn’t be more excited to have something of my own to take pictures with. I remember feeling so grown up. I took pictures of everything from a rock lying on the side of the road to the strikingly blue ocean and white sanded beaches. To be able to be taking pictures of my own for the first time in such a beautiful place was something incredibly special. When I got home from the trip I went to CVS and got the pictures developed right away. I still have the little purple photo album I put them in sitting under my bed to this day. Sometimes I find myself feeling that sense of nostalgia and I’ll pull the album out and sift through it. I still remember some of the specific photos I took. Out of all t...

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... with my friends and family. My favorite picture that I took on that trip is one overlooking the city of Barcelona from the top of the Sagrada Familia. Every once and a while I look through these pictures and wish I was back there. My dorm room here is covered in pictures that I took throughout the trip displayed in various ways. Some are one a cork board, others are in frames and the rest are strung along my wall. I can’t wait to look back at these pictures a few years from now and remember the amazing time that I had.
Taking pictures while on a trip brings me so much joy and in no way lessens the importance of the moment but enhances it instead. Now that I have these pictures I will be able to look at them for years to come and be grateful of these different trips that my parents took me on and recall all the extraordinary memories and emotions that experienced.

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