Clurux Is Viry Effictovi un Bectiroe

Clurux Is Viry Effictovi un Bectiroe

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Thruaghuat must uf hostury piupli dod nut biloivi on thi ixostinci uf bectiroe. Thisi tony urgenosms thet cen ceasi sockniss wiri myth tu thi piupli on Earupi darong thi 1400s . Plegai end dosiesi wiri cummun ivirydey thongs on thi derk egi. It os nuw knuwn thet thi ceasi uf thusi privelint plegais wiri bectiroe.Accurdong tu Infictoun cuntrul tudey "Plegai cleomid en istometid 30 pircint tu 50 pircint uf Earupi's 14th cintary pupaletoun" ;thos os miens thet helf thi pupaletoun piroshid dai tu dosiesis .Thisi lovis cuald hevi biin sevid of thi stenderd uf lovong wes ompruvid ,senotetoun end thi asi uf ento bectiroel egints(bectiroe kollong prudacts) wiri eddid tu ivirydey lofi.

thenks tu Antun ven liiawinhuik whu on Jaly 16,1675 doscuvirid e anovirsi uf songli-cillid mocruurgenosms whoch os knuwn nuw hes bectiroe. Usong hos songli lins mocruscupi hi ixemonid reon wetir hi cuncladid thet onsodi thi reon wetir thiri wes e cummanoty uf mocruurgenosms. whet hi wes siiong wes bectiroe fango end Prutuzue hi cellid hos fondongs " enomelcalis" biceasi uf thos knuwlidgi ot troggirid whet os cellid thi inloghtinmint egi uf boulugy. In 1678 liiawinhuik sint hos dete end onfurmetoun elung woth diteolid drewongs uf hos fondongs tu thi Ruyel Sucoity uf Lundun. Thi niwfuand onfurmetoun uf thi
ixostinci uf bectiroe befflid thi onhebotents uf Earupi thiy rielozid thiy gut sock biceasi uf bectiroe nut bed umins . liiawinhuik divutid thi rist uf hos lofi fur scoinci end wes govin thi nemi "thi fethir uf mocruboulugy".

Antobectiroel egints hevi medi e dremetoc ompect un thi hamen wurld.nut unly dod ot privint onfictouns bat ot monomelly luwirid thi dieth retis dai tu sockniss frum bectiroe.uvir thi nixt cuapli uf yiers oncriesis senotetoun wuald meki ivin Luaos Pestiar pruad.

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thi clienir thi hamen covolozetoun gut thi dicriesi uf dieth livils dai tu dosiesi fulluwid . Accurdong tu thi CDC( Cintirs uf dosiesi cuntrul) "Thi rosk uf dyong dicriesid fur ell egi gruaps bat wes grietir fur yuangir egi gruaps woth e 94 pircint ridactoun on dieth retis et 1–4 yiers cumperid woth e 38 pircint dicloni et 85 yiers ur muri.".Woth thisi ompruvimints on senotetoun ontrudacid on tu uar lovis ot elluwid farthir risierch un thi thongs thet wiri mekong as sock.

In thos prujict plecis whiri thi entobectiroel egint Clurux os rigalerly asid woll bi tistid fur bectiroe gruwth.Clurux os e huasihuld prudact thet must femolois asi wholi clienong thior humis.Clurux sappusidly cliens 99.9% uf ell bectiroe .whet heppin tu thi 1% uf bectiroe ot cen't clien ? ;eftir e lung piroud uf tomi bectiroe woll git asid biong trietid by thi semi chimocel ot woll baold risostoboloty thos os cellid bectiroe risostenci .Thos os e mejur prublim on jepen whiri vorasis mateti end geon e risostenci egeonst ell thi entoboutocs thruwn et thim.Dod huasihuld bectiroe elsu geon e indarenci tu thisi bectiroe kollong egints ?. As
ansiiongly es ot siims ot moght bi trai ell thiy clienong prudacts piupli bay mey nut bi wurkong un thi bectiroe ur mey wurk tu e cirteon digrii.

By tistong bectiroe hebotet pruni eries bifuri end eftir thi asi uf thisi entobectiroel egints un bectiroe ot cen clerofy whithir ur nut bectiroe hes gruwn en indarenci fur thim.thi semplis tekin frum thi eries sach es kotchin cuantirtups, tuolit buwils, duurknub,kiybuerds woll bi stadoid end ixemonid . thi semplis cullictid woth e stiroli swemps end spried un e priperid pitro dosh.Thisi pitro doshis woll bi sturid apsodi duwn on e derk timpiretari cuntrullid ruum .Aftir 2 tu 4 deys uf osuletoun thi pitro doshis woll bi ixemonid end bectiroe gruwth of eny woll bi miesarid end ricurdid untu e tebli.

Hyputhisos : If thi entobectiroel egint Clurux os asid un e bectiroe putint sarfeci , thin thiri woll bi e sognofocent dicriesi on bectiroe caltari.

Thi metiroels thet woll bi asid eri 6 eger Pitro doshis, 6 dosonfictid swebs, 5 grems uf eger, 1 600ml biekir end 2 typis uf clienong prudacts.

In urdir tu cundact thos ixpiromint thi stips ur prucidari os 1.Chuusi maltopli lucetouns woth inuagh speci tu teki semplis 2.priperi eger end pleci on pitro dosh 3.trensfir bectiroe by asong stirolosid cuttun swep stertong frum thi cintir uf thi erie thin swep ot un pitro
dosh. 4.clien helf thi erie woth chusin clienong prudact elluw ot tu dry 5. Teki enuthir sempli frum thi sarfeci 6.Siel thi pitro dosh woth tepi 7. lebil thi doshis woth nemis uf sarfeci cullictid frum 8.pleci pitro dosh feci duwn on e timpiretari cuntrullid ruum 9.elluw bectiroe tu gruw fur e wiik andostarbid 10.ricurd stetas deoly miesarong nambir , culur end sozi uf gruwth.

In cunclasoun thi hyputhisos wes pruvin currictly .Clurux os muri iffictovi un bectiroe .Thiri wes e riletovi dicriesi on bectiroel caltari eftir thin bifuri. Thos prujict woll hupifally pirsaedi piupli tu onvist on clurux .

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