Essay about Cloning Should Not Be Allowed For Medical Purposes

Essay about Cloning Should Not Be Allowed For Medical Purposes

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Today, there has been a lot of debate over whether or not scientists should clone humans and animals. Some people believe that cloning will benefit society, while others believe that it will cause detrimental effects. This paper will discuss the information collected on the issue and how it is addressed. It will introduce the history behind the practice of cloning, what things have been cloned so far, and the processes that scientists use to clone animals and humans. Also, the paper will examine the possible benefits and consequences that cloning will create in society. Finally, the paper will introduce what the future holds for cloning. The thesis is: “Since it will save lives and improve infertility, cloning humans and animals should be allowed for medical purposes only; however, because it will lead to overpopulation and the loss of individual identities, cloning humans and animals should not be allowed for non-medical purposes.”
There are numerous concepts that are involved in the cloning process; they play a significant role in understanding how cloning is done and how it affects the organisms or individuals involved. First of all, cloning is a process in which scientists can create a genetically identical copy of a human or animal; organisms that are cloned will have the exact genetic makeup or DNA as their genetic donor (Cohmer 1). In order to successfully clone an organism, it is helpful to understand what a cell, a nucleus and a DNA strand are. Cells are the building
Marchetti 2
blocks of life that make up every human and animal’s body; they are important in the cloning process because they are the areas where one’s genetic information or DNA can be found. Inside each of the billions of cells in one’s body is ...

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...te mother (Cohmer 1). Another way of cloning is known as therapeutic cloning, which also uses nuclear transplantation; in this specific process, the nucleus of one cell is fused into another cell, whose nucleus has been removed. The egg then starts to divide normally and forms a blastocyst. Scientists are then able to use these cells to grow out any body part a patient may need, depending on their medical condition (Murnaghan 1). Scientists can use these cloned body parts to treat certain medical conditions and to restore one’s health. Organ transplants, for example, are just some of the ways scientists can use cloned body parts to improve a person’s health. Though they are two different processes, both are efficient and successful in cloning things. Overall, scientists are currently trying to improve the practice of cloning in order to make it more efficient.

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