Essay about Cloning Should Have Limits

Essay about Cloning Should Have Limits

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Cloning Should Have Limits

"Mary had a little lamb, it fleece was slightly gray. It did not have a father, just some borrowed DNA" (Pence xv, par. 1). According to the article ("Cloning Milestones"), Dr. Hans Spemann visualized cloning back, in 1938 (121). Historical events from 1938 to 2005, provides evidence, that cloning is no longer a vision. Cloning is today's reality. The medical evolution related to the technology of cloning has generated ethical, moral and religious debates for decades. Discussions regarding cloning have frequently failed to differentiate between the potential advantages of the technology and the possible misuses. The promising benefits that cloning may offer would be welcomed by those who suffer from immobilizing diseases. Instead of prohibiting cloning, the federal government should possible provide assistance to uncover the prospective applications of the technology. Therefore, as a society, an implied question should perhaps be: Is cloning actually worth it?
"It sort of had a mother, though the ovum was on loan. It was not so much a lambkin as a little lamby clone" (Pence xv, par. 2). What is cloning, now that is the question. ("Cloning Milestones") defined cloning as, copying another living thing. In place of both parents' genes, a clone has genes from one blood relative. Genes can be described as instruments, which writes the instructions within cells. These instructions are required to establish the characteristics of all living things, including animals (122). Currie's definition of cloning applies to stem cell research states, "cloning is the implantation of a human female egg fe...

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