Essay on Cloning Is Not A Good Thing Than The Original?

Essay on Cloning Is Not A Good Thing Than The Original?

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Cloning is a scientific topic that has people divided for or against it. There have been many experiments that have been conducted proving that cloning is possible. One of the main successful experiments dealing with cloning was with lambs; thus Dolly was created. However, there are no successful experiments in cloning humans. Identical twins are the closest to clones that humans have. While identical twins have the same DNA, that doesn’t mean that they are clones. Each of the twins have their own personality. Cloning is wrong because we are not God, a copy is never better than the original, and it is not a good thing that people know their future.

Is the clone ever better than the original? In most cases, there are defects and problems with that clone. “...some 25 percent of cloned animals have overt problems,...(according to Robert Lanza, Advanced Cell Technology, article of a website)”. This is one out of four animal clonings; that is way too many. If people were cloning humans, imagine what it would be like. Lanza later says, “Attempting to clone a human would be so risky (Robert Lanza, Advanced Cell Technology, article of a website)”. Cloning is very unstable, “For every 100 experiments only one, two, or if lucky, perhaps three appear to produce a viable offspring in surrogate mothers (American Medical Association, website article)” as well as harmful,"Cloning also requires subjecting young women to the significant health risk of ovarian hyperstimulation, juicing them

up with hormones to harvest numerous eggs and risking their health and life in the process… (PR Newswire US....

... middle of paper ...

... "Can you clone a soul?"

(Medicine 's Brave New World; 2001, p76, 16p, 1 Black and White Photograph, 1 Diagram)”. Boundaries are meant for a reason and cloning is crossing a boundary.
What have we learned from the novel Frankenstein? To sum it up, it never pays to interfere with what is God’s work. The reproduction of things are set in an order. If people start messing with one thing, they will mess with another, and then another. People will never be satisfied, they will always want to change something because they will have a sense of power. Where will it end? It is not the right thing to clone humans, or even animals; God cannot be replaced. Too many people could get majorly hurt or killed; it’s too much of a risk.

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