Essay about Cloning Is Morally Wrong?

Essay about Cloning Is Morally Wrong?

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I remember when I heard they cloned something for the first time. It was a sheep that they cloned, and they named it Dolly, I remember this because it was the few times I have ever watched the news as a child. I thought it was the neatest thing. It was talked about everywhere after that for months, and everyone was talking about the what ifs, and what life could be like within cloning. As a child, I thought it would be awesome to see a clone out and about, but since I have become older I have thought things over more thoroughly, and I realized some new implications and possibilities of cloning that I had not thought of when I was a child. There does not seem to be a very good reason for us to clone yet.
First, cloning a human is morally wrong. Especially if someone is a religious person. I think all religions are against cloning. If a god makes souls, but we cloned someone. Where does the soul come in? Would a cloned human have a soul? Can they have a soul if they are man-made? If a clone doesn’t have a soul would it be inherently good or bad? Will the lack of what we call a soul can the clone feel like we do emotionally or will it have an emotional, social, or psychological problem? These are a few questions that need to be answered, but they cannot be answered. It’s like a catch twenty-two. How will we know until we clone someone, but how can we clone something without knowing the answers? Also, it would be wrong to exploit other people’s loved ones or others. For example, I would not like any of my family exploited and be made a clone.
Another reason we shouldn’t clone is that we do not know the implications of cloning of DNA. What it the DNA that is cloned starts out damaged? What will happen to the clone? What will happen t...

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... We could taint the DNA with the cloning as stated above, but I do believe we need to keep samples of DNA on file for the many animals. For example, the bees are in danger of becoming extinct, and it would be beneficial to have some of its DNA on file to protect us from losing the many different plant life.
Please stand with me now, and put an end to the idea of cloning people or animals. Do not let the vileness of the evil side of humanity can exploit the clones to vile one 's advantages. Please don’t let people’s loved ones be exploited. It could end up with someone you love being exploited next. We don’t need any more disease set out to the population already here. If in the end, we need to clone at least wait until the implications and problems with it are ironed out, so that we will know the outcome for all involved with the cloning the families and the clones.

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