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Cloning- Genetic Replication Essay

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Cloning is the process of genetic replication. A clone is a cell similar and identical to the cell the clone was taken from. There are three types of cloning. Three types of cloning include gene cloning, twinning, and nuclear transfer of genetic material (Clone and Cloning 1 of 4). Cloning should not continue because it can be dangerous for a number of reasons and is not morally or socially appropriate, except in cases where it could save the life of a human being.
Cloning can have all kinds of dangers. One type of danger that can result from cloning is medical dangers. The first cloned sheep named Dolly died at half of the lifespan of a naturally born sheep. She suffered from arthritis and lung cancer (Williams 1 of 2). Cloning can be harmful to many animals. Studies have shown that cloned animals are less healthy than animals that are normally reproduced (See 2 of 2). Many cloned animals have died prematurely and suffered from age related disease. Cloned mice also have a higher death rate from hepatic failure and infections (Clone and Cloning 3 of 4). Medical dangers can even occur at birth such as deformities and defects that can result from cloning (Cohen 51).
Another type of danger that can result from cloning is moral dangers. Many trials of cloning have been worthless because most of the time it does not succeed. Although, cloning happens a lot, only four percent of species have been successfully cloned. Most cloning attempts end in failure because cloning mammals is enormously difficult (See 2 of 2). Out of 123 canine surrogate mothers only three of them became pregnant each only carrying one puppy (Brownlee 1 of 2). This goes to show that cloning is morally dangerous and has harmed animals pointlessly. Cloning humans ...

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