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Clinical Psychology : The Career Of Clinical Psychology Essay example

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The brain can bring untold mysterious in the world. Imagine someone that could somehow solve the puzzle of the brain. A clinical psychologist is someone who dedicates his or her career to bringing these pieces together. With knowledge of each puzzle piece, a clinical psychologist works among people with emotional health to physical health ‒ using various methods to construe the puzzle. Becoming a clinical psychologist can be a rewarding career, both for the psychologist and the patient, despite the highly competitive and intense educational program.
Countless people do not know the correct definition and origin of the term clinical psychology. The definition of clinical psychology is broken down into two parts: the word clinical is “relating to the observation and treatment of actual patients rather than theoretical or laboratory studies,” while the word psychology derives from the Greek meaning of “the science of the soul.” The origin of clinical psychology was by Wilhelm Wundt and Lightner Witmer. Witmer is credited as founding the term “clinical psychology” as Wundt founded experimental psychology (Ferguson 200-207). These men play a huge part in the beginning of the practice of psychology.
The mission of clinical psychologists is to help those in dire situations. Psychologists aid people of all ages: children, young adults, and adults. The responsibilities that clinical psychologists need during these situations are assessing a client’s needs, abilities, or behavior; working alongside multidisciplinary teams; devising and monitoring appropriate treatment programmes; offering therapy and treatments; developing and evaluating service provision; counselling and supporting careers; and finally, research (Prospects). Research is...

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...gist and the patient.

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