Clinical Psychology : Diagnosis And Treatment Of Mental Illness And Disability

Clinical Psychology : Diagnosis And Treatment Of Mental Illness And Disability

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Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology can be defined as the “branch of psychology that concerns itself with the assessment and treatment of mental illness and disability”. Therefore, a clinical psychologist assesses patients for any behavioral, emotional, and/or mental problems and then make a diagnosis and develop a treatment for the patient. They nurse personal issues that patients have and also help with chronic and severe conditions. The requirements to be a clinical psychologist include a master’s degree, but a doctorate is sometimes necessary. Many states require a state license, professional work experience, and in specific states such as New Jersey, to be fluent in Spanish. Many employers looking for clinical psychologists require them to have great communication skills and be trustworthy. The treatment of a patient usually starts off with an interview with the patient and sometimes with their families. After seeing how the family and individual acts in that group setting, the psychologist then evaluates their mental space. Finally, they work with a medical personnel to consider what the best treatment for the patient will be. Before entering into a career, you should always research the requirements and pros and cons. What are the pros and cons of studying a clinical psychology and being a clinical psychologist? A career in clinical psychology has many good qualities including its annual pay, flexible in work schedule, and the rewarding feeling of helping the patients; however there is also bad qualities but they do not outweigh the good.
The first advantage of pursuing a career in clinical psychology is the annual pay. The average salary for a clinical psychologist across the country is $74,000 as of May 2014, which...

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...paying states. Although, this information did not excite me because I do not plan on staying in Alabama for my adult life after college; it is great to know. I learned some important facts about having a flexible schedule. I thought it was pretty self-explanatory., but the pros are more complicated than I thought. I never thought about how creating your own schedule could help save gas and being in traffic. Finally, I know that psychologists are who they are because they love the feeling of helping somebody. When I become a clinical psychologist, the rewarding feeling is what I will crave for. I will work my hardest to help each and every one of my patients. Obviously the advantages of this career outweigh the disadvantages; a career in clinical psychology has many good qualities including its annual pay, flexibility in work schedule, and the outcome of the patients.

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