Essay on Clinical Psychologists : A Clinical Psychologist

Essay on Clinical Psychologists : A Clinical Psychologist

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A Clinical Psychologist is a health specialist with expertise in dealing with people with mental or psychological problems. The problems they deal with may involve personal trauma brought about by a crisis or an event that remains etched in the mind of the victim, tormenting him/her restlessly. Additionally, clinical psychologists assist couples with matrimonial issues that hamper their relationship by assessing the problem at its core while trying to find a solution that fits the needs of the specific individuals through counseling. Of course, clinical psychologists also deal with people with mental disorders such as Autism, Anorexia and Tourette’s disorder by carefully tracking progress of the patients thorough observation, medication and slight intervention as a means of correction. All in all, my perception of clinical psychologists is that they were involved with helping people that are suffering from mental illnesses that affect how they act as well as their physical health.
To begin with, clinical psychologists have to be well-trained in order to deal with the eclectic nature of both the clients and the various cases they tackle. Clinical Psychologists work with people of all ages from young children with mental disorders, teenagers with drug abuse problems, middle-aged couples with marriage and relationship problems to old patients suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s (Society in Clinical Psychology, 2014).Each clinical psychologist has a license to work with any of these groups due to the intensive training and expertise in the field of psychology that these professionals have acquired through the many years of learning. This I will delve into later in the paper. Furthermore, the work environment must also vary due to ...

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...m best as well as the rates they charge depending on his/her individual market. As great as the prospect of becoming a psychologist is, I feel that there are many drawbacks that make this career not suitable for me.The financial investment put into getting the necessary degrees in order to be a clinical psychologist outweighs the benefits or potential benefits of great pay further down the line. I would prefer a career that takes me less time in school while maximizing the benefits in terms of pay. In essence, the amount of work it takes to become a clinical psychologist outweighs the benefits one would get by working as one. In summary, a career as a clinical psychologist can be both a rewarding or stressful, it’s up to each individual looking to enter the field to measure up and decide to take the long yet potentially rewarding career in clinical psychology.

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