Clinical Practice Of The Dental Hygienist Essay

Clinical Practice Of The Dental Hygienist Essay

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According to the book, “Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist”, a dental hygienist is a dental health specialist whose primary concern is the maintenance of oral health and the prevention of oral disease. A career as a dental hygienist provides a wide range of challenges where in the dentist office, the dental hygienist and dentist work together to meet the oral health needs of their patients. There are many things that dental hygienists do that you may not realize when you think you are just going in to get your teeth cleaned.
A typical visit to the dental hygienist usually begins with a consultation that outlines the steps necessary in the hygiene process. The hygienist may also discuss goals that the patient has regarding past, present and future oral health care. A visit to the dental hygienist will usually last between thirty minutes to one hour and will often end with an examination by the dentist. Not only do dental hygienists clean your teeth, they will examine the patients to check for cavities, and report to the dentist their findings. They will remove tartar, stains and plaque and apply sealants and fluoride. The hygienist will take and develop x-rays, if needed. Lastly, the dental hygienist will inform the patients how to brush their teeth, proper flossing techniques, and generally discuss with the patient how to take good care of their teeth. When you are working in dental hygiene field, it is very important to have good physical stamina. With leaning over, all day every day, you need to be comfortable performing physical tasks. Dental hygienists provide clinical services in a variety of settings such as private dental offices, community offices, nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, schools, and state and fed...

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...exible hours, which makes the hygiene field very popular to those wanting to start and have a family. The dental hygienist plays an essential role in the successful dental practice. Dental hygiene school can be very challenging, however the rewards for the hard work and determination will be very gratifying.

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