Essay on Clinical Depression Affecting College Students

Essay on Clinical Depression Affecting College Students

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Clinical depression affecting College Students daily lives

' 'In the United States, severe depression affects more than 15 million people and 15 percent of them eventually attempt suicide stated, Dr. Fredrick Goodwin, director of the National Institute of Mental Health. This attempt is very common with people dealing with depression. Depression is now the third-leading cause of death among people aged 14-24 and is killing more lives than people with HIV and cancer. There are many different types of depression, but clinical depression affects mostly college students. Clinical college depression is an illness that deals with a feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Most students experience depression while attending college. 1/3 of college students felt depressed within 12 months of attending college. They saw where it was difficult to function and felt a high sense of anxiety. I am against college students experiencing clinical depression while attending college because it causes stress which can lead to suicide, risky behavior and poor academic performance.
Depression can cause suicide if it 's not treated properly. Many people commit suicide each year and it affects millions of lives. ' 'According to the 2000 National College Health Assessment survey 9.5% of students had seriously considered suicide and 1.5% attempted it ' '. In 2013 41,149 suicides were reported, making suicide the 10th leading death for American stated, John little from the SPRC(suicide prevention resource center). Having interpersonal difficulties can cause a student to want to kill themselves because the pain is overbearing to deal with. These interpersonal difficulties might include dealing with a terrible breakup with a lover and not handling it well...

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...matic events. ' ' (Dr. Copela) Sometimes researchers refer to these as psychosocial factors since they bring events that happened outside and into our brains. These factors include stressful events, trauma and childhood difficulties, According to Anxiety and Depression of American.
In conclusion this is why I am against college students experiencing clinical depression while attending college because it causes stress which can lead to suicide, risky behavior and poor academic performance. ' 'In the United States, severe depression affects more than 15 million people and 15 percent of them eventually attempt suicide stated, Dr. Fredrick Goodwin, director of the National Institute of Mental Health. This attempt is very common with people dealing with depression. Depression shouldn 't be taking lightly you should always talk with someone and receive help.

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