The Climax Of James Bond Films Essay

The Climax Of James Bond Films Essay

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The climax of James Bond films

After watching two James Bond films, Casino Royale and Tomorrow never dies, I found the way these two films handle climaxes are very different. Firstly, I would like to briefly summarize the climax within these two films.
In Casino Royale, the first climax comes when James Bond got poisoned in the casino by his enemy Le Chiffre, he staggered ran out and called his colleagues seek for help. However, at this critical moment, he found the cable of the heart pacemaker is not plugged in, then he passed out immediately. The second climax is when James Bond bet risking all his chips but Le Chiffre holds cards of a full house, when everyone thought Bond was going to lose, he showed his cards, a straight flush, he finally won the jackpot. The third climax comes when James was ambushed by Le Chiffre and he was arrested and detained. Bond got tortured in brutal way but he still did not tell the secret that Le Chiffre wanted to know. The final climax is Bond fell in love with Vesper Lynd and they seemed to have a happy ending. However, it turned out Vesper was a traitor and she was planned to be close to Bond in order to get his money. Eventually, Vesper committed suicide because of guilty and Bond couldn’t save her.
In Tomorrow never dies, the climax comes more integrated as a single one. The whole climax happened after Bond and Chinese agent Wai Lin boarded on the stealth ship and attempt to prevent Carver from firing the stolen British cruise missile at Beijing. The tension was created by intense action scenes, count down of the missile plan as well as various of dangers that Bond and Lin faced to and how they solved dangers at the very last minute. ()

One climax vs. Various climaxes
The first difference i...

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...ames Bond became more like an actual human being who has flesh and blood, audiences would have more attachments to a character like this.

Happy ending vs. twisted ending
In Tomorrow never dies, there is a typical happy ending, Bond beat the bad guy and he had the mission completed. In Casino Royale, Bond won a large number of money and he left with his girlfriend. It seems to be a happy ending but there is a twist right after this. Bond found out that all his money got stolen by his girlfriend, Vesper, it turned out she was a traitor. At the end, Vesper died and the whole story ended up with a tragedy. Composing a twisted ending would give audiences something unexpected, it makes the entire story diversified. Giving a sense of regret to audiences is also a way to hook them to be more curious about the next film, which is critical to a movie series like James Bond.

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