Climate Systems Components : Climate System Components Essay

Climate Systems Components : Climate System Components Essay

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Climate System Components
1. Describe the climate system components
The main components of the climate system include the atmosphere, cryosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. The atmosphere is the air we are surrounded with here on earth. The cryosphere includes all snow and ice; namely the polar ice-caps, sea-ice, permafrost, mountain glaciers and seasonal snow. The geosphere in all of the solid land around us. They hydrosphere includes all of the oceans, lakes, and rivers. The biosphere contains all ecosystems, or the living areas of our earth.
2. How do the components interact?
All of the components interact in complex ways with each of the other components. For example, the atmosphere and the hydrosphere interact with each other by exchanging heat which couples with the exchange of water vapor through evaporation. As another example, the cryosphere, sea ice specifically, can block some the interaction between the atmosphere and the hydrosphere. The biosphere impacts the atmosphere by the amount of water it lets into the atmosphere through photosynthesis waste.
3. What components of the climate system do humans have an impact on and explain how humans impact EACH of the systems you indicated
Humans impact the atmosphere through the use of fossil fuels and biomass burning; both of the processes release greenhouse gases that affect the atmosphere. We also impact the hydrosphere by the runoff of chemicals that we use near sources of water. Humans can also impact both the biosphere and the geosphere by changing land use through urbanization, agricultural practices, and deforestation processes.
4. What is meant by the earth’s natural energy balance?
Earth’s natural energy balance is the process by which incoming solar ...

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...modest scientific vocabulary. I believe that in order to understand this article you would have to at least high school aged with some high school level scientific learning experience. I think the regardless of sex this article can reach everyone. This article was clearly written with an evolutionist background in mind as it frequently mentions a 100,000-year cycle. In that sense, I believe this article would not be meet well by creationist minded individuals. Overall, I believe that is article will be understood by anyone who has attained a basic scientific understanding of both geography and some chemistry.
How do they state that we have had a stable climate for the last 10,000 with what must be limited information for that time span?
Having only a finite amount of information how accurately can we really estimate a supposed 100,000-year climate cycle?

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