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The Climate of Alaska Essay

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The climate of Alaska is usually 4 to 5 degrees below zero most of the time.
Huge icebergs would slide off gravel shores in October, and would never break up into the river.
Not a lot of plants or shrubs in these types of areas, because it’s so there is more room for polar bears and other animals, and erosion of the land was slow, until global warming started up, so now erosion is faster. Temperatures have gone up 7 degrees in the past 50 years, so huge icebergs do not show in fall.
The annual mean air temperature in Alaska has risen 4 degrees F to 5 degrees F in the past 30 years-- compared with the ‘just under 1 degree F’ average worldwide, resulting with the state’s glaciers melting; vast swaths of forest are being destroyed by insects; and the permafrost thawing is sinking roads, pipelines and homes.
Offshore ice is less stable, and icebergs freeze later and break up earlier, and the spring season is changing, so more shrubs and plants are growing, autumn waves are rising, and the permafrost is melting. Barrier islands are shifting, and the sea ice area that has shrunk is as big as Texas and Arizona combined, which also means polar bears are being stranded and are closer to people now.
As people go, 600 residents are becoming increasingly vulnerable to violent storms like hurricanes and blizzards. Richard Glenn, a geologist and ice scientist says, “Things that were true for fathers won’t be true for sons.”
Shishmaref, Alaska, which sits on a barrier island, has fewer options and less time to decide its future: either disperse its ancient tribe, or move to a new location at an enormous cost. The air of late September at the Arctic is colder than in winter, in which the dampness cut through layers of ...

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...n June again, berry-picking in August, and the ice-fishing season begin in October, and have those 600 residents, who are now vulnerable to violent storms, be completely impervious to the full force of nature.
So get out there, have a green thumb, and make a difference.

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