Climate Council Report On The Progress Of The Act Essay

Climate Council Report On The Progress Of The Act Essay

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• Yearly report by the minister report on the progress of the Act
• Climate council report on further strategies and progress towards meeting targets
• Independent third party review of actions taken and progress towards meeting targets
• Requirement for all three reports to be published within a certain timeframe
• Public register of private entities greenhouse reduction agreements
• Establishing greenhouse gas reduction targets including:
o ACT greenhouse gas emissions target, long term target (figure 3)
o Interim greenhouse gas emissions targets, two short term targets, one by 2020 one by 2050
o Per person greenhouse gas emissions target
o Renewable energy targets, determined by the Minister
o Energy efficiency targets, determined by the minister
Defining the techniques used for emissions monitoring would be a further step to strengthen the monitoring portion of the Act.
The Act does not cover adaptation to climate change in a large extent and leaves the matter open for future action by the minister. Currently the most pronounced impact of mitigation tactics has occurred with ACTEW Water, who is the primary water and sewerage service supplier in the ACT. There’s a state act covering the Management of water supply (ACT water strategy 2013) that covers the subject of climate change, some targets in this act include:
• Only one year in every 20 years to have water restrictions
• Allow for increased population growth but lower per capita demand
• Full water price recovery
While some of the well known impacts of climate change such as rising sea levels and ocean acidification will not have a direct impact upon the future climate of Canberra. Canberra still faces its own set off issues that should be addressed with policy. The...

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...ements could be made with an additional market based system, the policy itself is starting to achieve its goals. A good monitoring and accountability process should keep the policy on-track into the future. The current climate change policy is targeted more towards emission reduction than adaptation. Further work has been acknowledged in dealing with the mitigation strategies. The ACT government and utilities have already put into place systems to address water scarcity but further work will be needed to deal all the serious issues that are likely to result from climate change (Bates, 2003). To further prepare the ACT for climate change further legislation should be implemented on all levels of government. The magnitude and impacts of climate change will depend on action or inaction now, yet the greenhouse reduction in the ACT is only a small part of a larger system.

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