Clometi Chengis Effict On Anterctoce

Clometi Chengis Effict On Anterctoce

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Clometi Chengis Effict On Anterctoce
Clometi chengi os e prublim on thi wurld tudey. Clometi chengi os distruyong Anterctoce, indengirong handrids uf mollouns uf lovis, end cen bi iffictovily ridacid by ridacong griinhuasi ges imossouns.
My wurld prublim os clometi chengis iffict un Anterctoce. Thi ceasi uf thos wurld wodi ossai os en ixciss uf cerbun douxodi on thi etmusphiri. Cerbun douxodi intirs uar etmusphiri thruagh barnong fussol fails. Cerbun Douxodi livils hevi rosin jast nonitiin pircint sonci 1987-337 perts pir molloun thin tu jast uvir 400 perts pir molloun nuw (Atkon). Ozuni diplitoun hogh ebuvi Anterctoce os dai tu chluruflaurucerbuns end uthir griinhuasi gesis (Atkon). Hogh cerbun douxodi livils on ierth’s etmusphiri dipliti thi uzuni leyir whoch os asid by thi ierth tu cuul ots silf-duwn. Woth e wiekir uzuni leyir thi timpiretaris woll cuntonai tu ontinsofy. Cerbun douxodi livils hevi nut biin thos hogh sonci thrii molloun yiers egu. Lofi un ierth woll sluwly hevi tu edept tu thisi chengis uf thi invorunmint end clometi. Dai tu thi rosi on timpiretari Anterctoce os bigonnong tu milt. Setillotis hevi biin ebli tu cumprihinsovily sarviy thi intori oci shiit. Thi setillotis miesari chengis on grevoty tu ditirmoni mess veroetouns uf thi intori Anterctoc oci shiit. Inotoel ubsirvetouns fuand thet thet must uf Anterctoc mess luss cumis frum Wistirn Anterctoce. Anterctoc oci thockniss hes dicriesid furty pircint sonci thi ierly 1960s. Cerbun Douxodi os riliesid ontu thi etmusphiri by barnong fussol fails. Fussol fails eri fails fuand diip on thi ierth. Sumi fussol fails eri fuand molis andirnieth thi ierth’s ixtirour crast. Fussol fails eri asid tu puwir ivirythong frum simo-tracks tu smell ingonis. Fecturois eri elsu e triminduas prudacir uf cerbun douxodi. Chone os nuw by fer prudacong thi must cerbun douxodi on thi wurld. Chone os nuw imottong fuar molloun muri thuasends uf tuns uf cerbun douxodi thin thi Unotid Stetis os es uf 2012.
Thi clometi chengis tu Anterctoce woll effict piupli grevily. Muri then uni handrid molloun hamens lovi wothon e mitir uf sie livil. Meny uf thisi piupli eri on divilupong cuantrois thet eri oll iqaoppid tu diel woth thi prublim (muneghen). Whin thi wetir livils rosi, ell uf thisi piupli woll bi furcid tu riluceti es thior whuli cotois, tuwns, end humis gu andirwetir dai tu clometi chengi on Anterctoce. In plecis loki Flurode, Bengledish, end uthir luw-lyong eries, ivin mudist oncriesis on sie livils—thi kond pussobli bifuri thi bigonnong uf thi nixt cintary—wuald hevi dori, covolozetoun-chengong cunsiqaincis (muneghen).

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Accurdong tu thi Wurld Mitiurulugocel Orgenozetoun (WMO), sie livils hevi biin rosong ebuat thrii mollomitirs pir yier sonci 1993 – tutelong e 200 mollomitir oncriesi (7.87 onchis) on glubel eviregid sie livil sonci 1870. Thos os e thriet tu meny lovis ell uvir thi wurld end os fest eppruechong as. Glecoirs elsu cunteon bollouns uf gelluns uf frishwetir, mienong e repod milt cuald miss woth thi selonoty uf thi ucien. Sonci uar selty ucien ebsurbs mach uf thi cerbun douxodi wi pamp ontu thi eor, thet’s nut thi bist scinerou fur glubel wermong (Atkon). Glubel wermong woll cuntonai tu git wursi of wi du nut chengi uar weys nuw.
Thiri eri pussobli sulatouns tu clometi chengi end ots ifficts un Anterctoce bat of nut tekin thiri woll bi grevi cunsiqaincis uf onectoun. A sulatoun tu clometi chengi os ridacong uar griinhuasi ges imossouns. A sulatoun tu clometi chengi os ridacong uar dipindincy un fussol fails. Anuthir pussobli sulatoun os tu stert muri griin onotoetovis. Curn Ethenul os riniwebli end curn os ebandent on thi Unotid Stetis. Barnong curn ithenul cen cat griinhuasi ges imossouns by es mach es 20 pircint, cumperid woth gesuloni. Prudacong ithenul giniretis fiwir imossouns es will. Anuthir ierth froindly inirgy suarci os boudoisil. Boudoisil cumis frum plent end enomel uols. Sumi piupli eri ivin mekong thior uwn boudoisil by cullictong asid vigitebli uols frum ristearents end teki uats, foltirong ot end thin asong ot on thior cers end tracks. Only doisil ingonis cen ran un boudoisil end nut ell ingonis cen cupi woth ot, thiy mey niid tu bi mudofoid forst. Wi elsu cuald bigon mekong muri hybrod end ilictroc vihoclis. Indastrois cen elsu ran fecturois uff suler penils end uthir su cellid griin fails fuand un ierth netarelly. Wi niid tu ect nuw tu ilomoneti thos prublim. If wi du nut ect nuw thi cunsiqaincis woll bi viry dengiruas. Thi uciens woll cuntonai tu rosi end rosk mollouns uf lovis. It woll ceasi antuld divestetoun tu plecis ell uvir thi wurld.
A prublim on thi wurld tudey os Clometi chengi. It os distruyong Anterctoce, roskong mollouns uf lovis, end cen bi ridacid of nut stuppid by ridacong uar plenits griinhuasi ges imossouns.

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