Climate Changes And Climate Change Essay

Climate Changes And Climate Change Essay

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Climate refers to the weather conditions that occur and prevail in particular regions over an extended period of time. Climate change is the change in the properties of the climate system, referring to significant changes in its mean state, and in its variability and extremes (VijayaVenkataRaman S, Iniyan S, Goic R, 2012). Changes in climate can occur naturally due to internal and external processes, or can occur due to anthropogenic changes in the composition of the atmosphere and anthropogenic changes associated with land-use (VijayaVenkataRaman S, Iniyan S, Goic R, 2012). The increasing change of the climate system can have many adverse effects, including: the rise of sea level, caused by the melting of ice sheets and glaciers and the expansion of water volume (due to a rise in average global temperature), the acidification of the oceans due to ongoing equilibrium reactions with CO2 in the atmosphere, and an increase in intensity of extreme weather events. Many resolutions have been offered in how to deal with the increasingly alarming problem of climate change. This essay will discuss whether it is better to adapt to, rather than to mitigate, the impacts of climate change.

Adaptation to climate change refers to adjusting our lives and infrastructure in a manner that would lessen the harmful impacts of the current climate, and the climate to come. The goal of climate adaptation is to reduce human vulnerability to the harmful effects that occur with climate change, such as: sea-level encroachment, more intense extreme weather events and susceptibility in food security (Global climate change and global warming adaptation and mitigation, 2016). Climate adaptation can have a variety of approaches depending on the context in which ...

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...e background. Although, mitigation policies would be much harder to implement when compared to those of adaptation –this likely due to the fact that mitigation polices and strategies require an aspect of global engagement and integration, whereas adaptation is much more about the local sector, in comparison. If only one solution was an option, mitigation would have enhanced global effectiveness and is closer to a ‘perfect’ solution, as it attempts to resolve the problem of climate change rather than just avoiding it and pushing it aside as if it is a non-issue. However, adaptation will usually be sought after rather than mitigation, as it solely benefits the individuals that implement the policy rather than the global community- and due to the economic greed of many countries it will have preference unless there is a global change in the perception of climate change.

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