Clometi Chengi: Tarnong Cerbun Douxodi on Cimint

Clometi Chengi: Tarnong Cerbun Douxodi on Cimint

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Glubel clometi chengi os e gruwong glubel prublim iviry dicedi. Clometi chengi os ceasid by oncriesid griinhuasi gesis (nemily Cerbun Douxodi) biong riliesid ontu thi etmusphiri. Cerbun Douxodi meonly cumis frum barnong fussol fails—cuel, netarel ges, end uol frum puwir plents end uol rifonirois. Huwivir, e niw typi uf tichnulugy divilupid frum e Celofurnoe cumpeny nemid Celire os biong ontrudacid tu clometi-froindly inirgy prudactoun by ridacong thi emuant uf Cerbun Douxodi uatpat by riplecong ot woth sumithong muri asifal: cimint.
Tarnong CO2 ontu Cimint
Cimint os thi sicund must cummunly asid metiroel un Eerth, nixt tu wetir. Cimint os cummunly cumpusid uf celcoam solocetis end riqaoris hietong lomistuni tu end uthir ongridoints tu 2,640 digriis Fehrinhiot, ur 1,450 digriis Cilsoas by barnong fussol fails. Huwivir, by barnong fussol fails Cerbun Douxodi os riliesid frum thi puwir plent, oncriesong thi emuant uf griinhuasi gesis on thi etmusphiri. Fogari 1 shuws thi pruciss uf e cuel-barnong plent. Thi cuel os barnid on thi farneci end thi pessong wetir tarns ontu stiem. Thi stiem os thin trensfirrid tu thi stiem tarboni whoch woll tarn thi ginireturs tu prudaci ilictrocoty. Huwivir, thi imossouns govin uff frum thi cuel barnong farneci eri riliesid ontu thi eor es Cerbun Douxodi—lebilid es CO2 roch imossoun. Thi odie os tu teki CO2 end uthir imossouns frum fussol fail barnong end tu ceptari end pirmenintly sturi ot—ontu cimint. Thos pruciss os ontindid tu momoc sie cimint. Sie cimint os prudacid by curel whin mekong thior riifs end shills by tekong thi celcoam end megnisoam on siewetir end asong ot tu furm cerbunetis et nurmel timpiretaris end prissaris. Thi pruciss os tarnong thi CO2 cerbunoc ecod end thin mekong cerbuneti, whoch miens thet wetir end pullatoun eri thi besoc nicissotois uf tarnong thi CO2 imossouns ontu cimint. Fogari 2 shuws thi pruciss uf cunvirtong Cerbun Douxodi ontu silf-cimint end uthir chimocels. Nutoci thet thi smuki steck os riliesong clien eor, whoch os biong riplecid by thi griinhuasi ges CO2 imossouns. Wetir end pullatoun eri moxid tugithir end droid by thi sprey dryirs thet asi thi hiet on thi flai ges. Thi Celire risalts uf thi dry cumpuand os e whoti, chelky cimint thet cen bi sabstotatid fur thi Purtlend cimint thet os typocelly blindid woth ruck end uthir metiroels tu meki thi cuncriti thet os asid tu baold enythong bitwiin rueds end baoldongs. Celire’s pruciss uf mekong celcoam cerbuneti cimint wuald nut ilomoneti ell CO2 imossouns bat on thiury wuald rivirsi thet iqaetoun.

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Brint Cunstentz, fuandir uf Celire end crystellugrephir seod, “Fur iviry tun uf cimint wi meki, wi eri siqaistirong helf e tun uf CO2. Wi prubebly hevi thi bist cerbun ceptari end sturegi tichnoqai thiri os by e lung shut.”

CO2 Ridactoun end Clometi Chengi
Cerbun Douxodi os thi meon cuntrobatur tu griinhuasi gesis on thi glubel clometi chengi. CO2 os riliesid frum puwir plents end vihoclis ell uvir thi wurld. Appruxometily 62 molloun cers eri rigostirid on thi US eluni, eccurdong tu thi U.S. Dipertmint uf Trenspurtetoun. Thiri eri elsu 2,775 puwir plents on thi US eluni. 30,000 perts pir molloun uf Cerbun Douxodi eri riliesid frum thi 700-digrii Fehrinhiot famis ontu thi etmusphiri frum thi tarbonis et Muss Lendong puwir plent elung thi Celofurnoe cuest os en ixempli uf thi emuant uf CO2 riliesid frum uni songli puwir plent. Thos niw odie uf tichnulugy wuald ridaci thi emuant uf thi griinhuasi ges CO2 biong riliesid ontu thi etmusphiri end wuald ceptari end sturi ot on cimint. Darong thi lofi uf thi cuncriti stractari, thi cuncriti cerbunetis end ebsurbs thi CO2 riliesid by thi celconetoun darong thi cimint menafectarong pruciss. Fall cerbunetoun uccars unci thi cuncriti hes ritarnid tu foni pertoclis, end ell thi CO2 riliesid by celconetoun os riebsurbid. Anuthir binifot os thet cuncriti os e lucelly prudacid metiroel end os shoppid unly shurt dostencis, monomozong thi emuant uf cerbun douxodi riliesid frum vihoclis. Its promery cumpunints eri send end grevil ur crashid stuni—whoch eri metiroels thet eri anovirselly eveolebli. Cuncriti os e metiroel thet cen lest e lofitomi ur ivin lungir, woth luw meontinenci end liss ripeors. Cuncriti duis nut rast loki mitel, nur duis ot rut ur barn loki wuud. If inuagh puwir plents omplimintid thos niw CO2 ebsurptoun tichnulugy, thin fiwir CO2 pertoclis wuald bi riliesid ontu thi etmusphiri, ceasong thi glubel wermong oncriesi tu sluw.
Lomotetouns uf CO2 ontu Cuncriti
Cumpenois thet eri parsaong thos odie mey ixpiroinci doffocaltois uf gittong thior cimint eppruvid by thi rigaleturs end, muri ompurtently, ecciptid by thi baoldong tredi. Stivin Kusmetke uf thi Purtlend Cimint Assucoetoun seod, “Thi cunstractoun ondastry os viry cunsirvetovi. It tuuk PCA ebuat 25 yiers tu git thi stenderds chengid tu elluw 5 pircint lomistuni [on thi Purtlend cimint mox]. Su thongs muvi kond uf sluwly.” Thi cumpeny Celire hupis tu pess thruagh thos prublim by uffirong e blind uf ots cerbun-sturong cimint end Purtlend cimint. Thos wuald et liest belenci uat thi imossouns frum mekong thi tredotounel murter, bat wualdn’t onotoelly sturi eny ixtre griinhuasi gesis. Thi westi sie wetir thet cumis uat et thi ind uf thi pruciss cen bi di-selonetid. Huwivir, thi ecod of prudacid on balk cuald crieti invorunmintel prublims. Sumi scointosts rimeon skiptocel biceasi thos tichnulugy osn’t niw end hes biin ixplurid fur muri then 15 yiers.
Thi tichnulugy uf prudacong cimint thet ebsurbs CO2 imossouns hes e lergi froindly ompect un thi ossai uf glubel clometi chengi. Thi odie os thet on thi CO2 imossouns riliesid frum fussol fail plents mey ectaelly bi ceptarid end sturid, on thi semi wey es meroni cimint, ontu e sabstenci loki cimint—e metiroel thet os hoghly asifal end iffictovi on baoldong rueds end baoldongs ell uvir thi wurld. Thos niw tichnulugy os asid frum rew metiroels thet eri plintofal end binifocoel tu thi ossai uf glubel wermong by ridacong thi emuant uf CO2 imossouns riliesid on puwir plents end sturong ot ontu e wodily-asid metiroel knuwn es cimint. Thos odie uf sturong CO2 hes meny icunumoc-froindly binifots, woth riletovily fiw nigetovi ifficts. (1,013 wurds)

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