Climate Change : The Effects On Agriculture And Society Essay

Climate Change : The Effects On Agriculture And Society Essay

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Climate Change: The Effects on Agriculture and Society
Student Name: Vanessa Abdallah
Student Number: 44616643

Over the past century, climate change and global warming has become increasingly prominent issues. The spread of greenhouse gases and other toxic compounds, and the excessive use of fossil fuels have intensified this consequence (Kang & Banga 2013, p. 668), and the escalating severity of this issue has created a ripple effect through its negative impact on agriculture, ecosystems, animal and plant populations, and land-use (Ehrlich & Ehrlich 2013). Ehrlich and Ehrlich (2013) explore this issue in great depth, reviewing the severity of climate change, its effect on food supply and the general environment, whilst also commenting on the possible results of the exponential growth of human population size and society’s general response to these issues. Through the exploration of these topics, they comment upon the possibility of a collapse of global civilisation. Will the spread of industrialisation lead to the impending doom of civilisation? Will society prevent this collapse, or continue to stimulate it? The subject of climate change has impacted society greatly over the past few decades, and its effects still continue to prove to be a major issue.

Ehrlich & Ehrlich (2013) highlights how the industrial revolution developed a technology-dependent agricultural system. Despite the growth of efficiency of food production over the last 80 years, at least two billion people around the world are hungry or poorly nourished (Ehrlich & Ehrlich 2013). According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), 10-12% of global emission of greenhouse gases was as a result of agricultu...

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