Climate Change : Man 's Problem Essay

Climate Change : Man 's Problem Essay

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Climate Change: Man’s Problem
The change in climate has been a topic of controversy across the world throughout the past years. Scientists have done research on how climate changes has changed throughout the years around the world. In the past few years, research shows that climate has changed dramatically in the world. Although climate change is something that occurs normally in nature, there has been substantial evidence that mankind is a contributor to the dramatic increase. Most countries around the world have got together to discuss how to reduce mankind’s contribution to climate change, but there is other countries that still do not consider this as a problem. Research conducted by scientists have supported the idea that climate change is occurring around the world and that human involvement has been a large contributor to this issue.
In the early years of the production of transportation sectors and power equipment, people did not know that this machines could have a bad affect in nature and the earth. As sciences advance, scientists discovered that this transportation sectors and power equipment produced substance that are not good for the environment, atmosphere, and for our health. The transportation sector of the U.S is consider to be the second largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. Cars emit gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other gases that are produced in the greenhouse effect. It was stated in the article, Cars and Global Warming, that one- fifth of all U.S emission is produced by cars and trucks. Also cars and trucks produce around twenty- four pounds of carbon dioxide and other gases in the greenhouse effect per one gallon of fuel. Other transportation sector like planes, trains, and s...

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...ore holes in the atmosphere where the solar radiation goes through and causes temperatures to increase (Climate Change Causes).
Climate Change is a topic of controversy around the world and it is a topic that has not had an answer. Scientist have done research on these topic which supports the theory that climate change is occurring the world. But who is responsible for the change in climate? There is people that suggest humans are the cause of climate change changing dramatically in the past few years. But not only do people just think that humans are the primary cause of climate change, there has been test and research done that supports the believe that human have cause climate change. Although there is substantial evidence that support the idea of humans been the primary cause of climate change, the question still stands, who is causes causing climate change?

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