Climate Change Is The Transformation Of Our Weather And Global Patterns Essay

Climate Change Is The Transformation Of Our Weather And Global Patterns Essay

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Have you seen the effects of climate change yet? Climate change is the transformation of our weather and global patterns. Climate change doesn’t happen overnight; in fact, the change of the climate takes years to see. Fossil fuels are one reason our climate is changing for the worst because fossil fuels create Carbon Dioxide. Deforestation is a cause of climate change because we have less trees to produce oxygen. Increasing our waste is destroying most of our forestland. Climate change is causing our Arctic animals to go extinct. The amount of water we use is causing droughts. There are many causes and effects of climate change; however, there are many solutions we can fix today.
To start with, we are changing our world by using fossil fuels. In the United States, we depend on fossil fuels for everything. We use fossil fuels to warm our buildings during the cold winter. We use fossil fuels for transpiration. We use fossil fuels to lights up the night sky. “The three fossil fuels, oil, natural gas and coal, were formed millions of years ago when dead plants and animals were trapped under deposits and became buried underneath land” (Kathryn). Fossil fuels make our life easier and more efficient; however, fossil fuels come with a price. Fossil fuel raises our global temperature, and this fuel is causing animals to go extinct in the Arctic.
Moreover, the effects of climate change have drastically changed our planet in the past century. Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which warms the planet. Carbon Dioxide is abbreviated for CO2. Most Carbon Dioxide is found in fossil fuels. When we burn fossil fuels for energy, the CO2 is released to the atmosphere. “Carbon Dioxide levels in the air are at their highest in 650,000 years” (NASA)...

... middle of paper ... our whole and only planet. We have only one planet to protect. We are not advanced enough to colonize other planets and destroy them. Fossil fuels are increasing the Carbon Dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere. Increasing the waste is destroying most of our forestland. We are depriving Oxygen from deforestation. Climate change is causing our Arctic animals to go extinct. The amount of water we use is causing droughts.
These issues can be fixed by renewable energy, recycling trash, and preventing trees from getting cut down. We must prevent climate change from evolving to a greater risk. Personally, I do not want to be pessimistic about that the future; in fact, I want to be optimistic about the future, that people can change their habits. The next generation can be changed for the better. We cannot change the future by ourselves, but we can change the future as a whole.

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