Climate Change Is Not Capable Of Destroying Our Planet Essay example

Climate Change Is Not Capable Of Destroying Our Planet Essay example

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Climate change is a highly controversial subject amongst the academic community. This is primarily due to the uncertainty of its causation. Some speculators whom call themselves ‘climate skeptics’ believe that humankind is not capable of destroying our planet. However, the United Nations and countless scientists worldwide agree that not only is humanity able to murder the blue planet, but humanity is well on its way to causing irreversible damage to our atmosphere, effecting all life on Earth. This rift in the mindsets between the two sides of the scientific community has enormous connotations, as an incorrect solution to this problem could quite possibly permit global catastrophes to occur. Unfortunately, the climate change theory was not even addressed seriously until 1988, when the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was founded to study this phenomenon. Since the late nineteen-eighties, significant work has gone into accurately studying global temperatures and climate conditions, and many scientists have come to the conclusion that climate change is directly linked to mankind’s activities. As natural catastrophes have increased and temperatures worldwide have skyrocketed, humanity has been found guilty of slowly murdering the Earth.
Scientific evidence supports the theory that the release of greenhouse gases are increasing the worldwide average temperature, causing global warming. While the greenhouse effect is a natural means of maintaining the Earth’s temperature, specific gases trapped in the atmosphere may offset this delicate balance and raise the average temperature of the planet. Furthermore, evidence for this theory can be found in the environment, as “polar and sub-Arctic regions have been experiencing warm...

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... risk for fatal flooding. Their data claims that sea levels had risen by 17 centimeters during the nineteen-nineties, an unprecedented growth. Additionally, their predictions paint a shocking picture of sea level elevations between 22 to 34 centimeters before 2080, destroying countless cities worldwide. The evidence points an overarching finger at greenhouse gas emissions, a distinctly human activity.
As studies increase over time, a growing number of scientists have come to the conclusion that human activities are the source for global catastrophes. Consequently, as mankind continues to satisfy its never-ending hunger for fuel, we continue to poison our atmosphere and environment, choking natural processes and creating unintended side-effects. An increase in scientific study will only reinforce the viewpoint that humanity is to blame for slowly murdering our planet.

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