Essay on Climate Change is NOT a Problem

Essay on Climate Change is NOT a Problem

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Global warming and climate change in general is one of those subjects that I hold very close to my heart; not because I go around in my spare time hugging trees and gathering vegans in Toyota Priuses to form a peaceful protest against big oil, but because climate change is a subject that everyone and their mom likes to chime in on without really knowing that much about. If you even mention that term “global warming” in a group of people, even the person who you wouldn’t believe can even form a sentence has an opinion. People must feel like it makes them better than others because they can regurgitate whatever CNN and Fox tells them. I’ve done about two or three papers on climate change and global warming in my highschool career, and even though I was lucky enough to get to not talk about the subject since my freshman year, I guess this is the direction I chose to take for myself. Hopefully by the end of this I’ll convince you that there’s no reason to ever bring it up again and we’ll put the issue aside and worry about the real problems like getting the homeless jobs or deciding if we should just pass Marijuana and tax it until our economy stimulates.
Before I truly get started, I want to say that I’m not going to take the “global warming is a lie” stance. A harsh disbelief in something there is no true evidence about is just as daft as saying that it exists without any precedence.
Okay, so for whatever reason, global warming is seen as a huge threat to our lives and Al Gore has pretty much led all of his sheep into believing that eventually mother nature is going to exact her revenge on us in the form of storms and earthquakes. Before we get into what would happen if it were true, let’s talk about what would be the cause of a g...

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