Essay about Climate Change Impacts and Threats

Essay about Climate Change Impacts and Threats

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Global climate change, most commonly referred to as global warming, is a worldwide problem facing our environment. Global climate change is simply a rise or fall in Earth’s temperature over a period of time. Although this problem has natural causes, the true detriments come from humans and how we live day to day. Although many people have heard of climate change, there is not a big effort to fix this problem or to understand it. The best way to rectify this change to the environment is to help others recognize the causes of this problem and the effects they have on our planet. By researching, one can determine their impact on the climate, as well as how to reduce this effect. To understand how to fix global climate change, we must first understand how it started, how it continued, and how it got worse, eventually leading to further problems that will arise in the future. We need to understand global climate change and its causes, so we can come together and prevent further damage to our Earth, and try to make changes to lessen the effects of this environmental transformation.
To comprehend the present and future of global climate change, it is vital to understand its history. It earth's atmosphere, there is a greenhouse effect. This is the way that the planet warms, and traps heat that has been radiated form the earth's surface (encyclopedia of science). The gases that affect this heat-level consist of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons ( In the past, there have been many situations that have altered these levels and, therefore, changed the climate. Volcanoes are a good example of this. When a volcano erupts, it creates dust and particles as well as lava. This pollutes the air,...

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...reatly impact the planet.

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