Essay about The Climate Change And Its Effect On The Environment

Essay about The Climate Change And Its Effect On The Environment

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There are so many factors in today’s growing population and its action that contributes to the environment. With the rise in population there is also increase in the needs and demands resulting in more production of food and assets. Most of the actions of human lead to increased environment risks which in return will only effect the livings of this planet. Currently mostly all individuals have at least one form of vehicle for transportation. There is increased industrialization and requires a lot of energy which comes from fossil fuels as the need for oil increases to fuel large amounts of humans daily work and chores. The climate change is no mystery, it is known to be cause of various human actions trying to satisfy their needs while putting the climate and the whole environment at risk. Pollutions from vehicles and other activities are changing air quality, affect worldwide shift in temperature and much more. The increase in temperature have also effected habitats of organisms, mainly of those up north such as polar bears and causes the melting of the glaciers. This problem is viewed and understood by many it also agrees with what science has to say about climate change is definitely occurring is mostly due to human actions. Dettinger, Udall, and Georgakakos (2015) states actions include dam building, pollution, CO2 emissions, and land-use changes. While there are people who support that climate change is occurring alongside of the El-Niño effect, there are others who deny that there is climate change and it is due to human actions.
Majority of the human population know and believe the occurrence of climate change along with its impacts and are willing to help. The causes of climate change are also known to them that though it...

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...he consequences to be faced if nothing is done. Majority of the population know the causes and agree with human actions being a major factor contributing to climate change and urge to help in making the climate better. There are also certain individuals in society that deny the climate change and believe human are not the cause of it. Such denial could be lack of trust on scientist and the scientific research or due to the fact they are answering based on psychological perspective of not wanting to accept threatening information. Apart from the two sides, Science has its own say about evidence showing climate change which includes changes in marine biological systems, increased temperature globally and glacier melting. Climate change is occurring and might be occurring more rapidly currently, it is an important environment issue requiring solutions to make it better.

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