Climate Change : A Global Issue Essay

Climate Change : A Global Issue Essay

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Our Legacy
Climate change is an issue that will not only affect every living creature today, but it will affect all of the future humans and creatures that will exist as well. Leaving the environment as an uninhabitable wasteland is one of the many possible outcomes of the increased global temperature. There are many reasons behind climate change, some are natural and some are due to human activities, but stopping these potentially harmful effects is crucial to the survival of the human race. Climate change does not specifically affect one nation, area, or race. It affects everyone and everything. Climate change is a major issue in today’s society and will affect every future generation. Whether one believes in climate change or not, it’s still important to preserve and leave our home planet better off than when we were born into it. The world is slowly changing and the ecosystem is getting worse. The effects of climate change create a growing danger for the ecosystem we live in and all life on planet Earth.
Climate change is a global issue, but it is also a personal issue to me. Ever since I was a child, visiting my grandparent’s house was one of my favorite things to do. My grandparents would always smile at me and love me unconditionally. They’d always let me wander around their house. Ever since I was four years old, I would wander around their backyard and travel around the vast amounts of flowers they had. I always wondered why there was so many flowers and stared in awe at the thousands of carnations and trees all lined up next to each other. My grandfather was a botanist, but he grew plants because he wanted to and not because it was part of the job. He gave me a few carnations to water and take care of, but they alway...

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...hered at the United Nations headquarters here to sign the landmark Paris climate accord, an agreement that’s seen as the blueprint for rescuing the planet.” The world is finally acknowledging the problem of climate change and global warming. Hopefully the human race can collectively work together on this global problem.
The problem of climate change is a major issue to every person on the planet. It can not be blamed on any one issue or person. The human race has to collectively work together to fix these problems. People are finally realising the problems that can be caused by polluting and destroying the environment, and many of the most powerful nations are attempting to fix their past wrongs. The effects of climate change create a growing danger for the ecosystem we live in and all life on planet Earth and hopefully it will change soon.

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