The Client Needs A Black Dress For An Upcoming Benefit Event Essay

The Client Needs A Black Dress For An Upcoming Benefit Event Essay

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The client needs a black dress for an upcoming Benefit event. In a previous meeting with the client, Mrs. Starnes requested to emphasize her legs and hide the stomach area while also keeping the garment at a low price. The group went to three different retailers to search for a black dress that complied with the client’s request for the upcoming Benefit. The group visited a department store, a specialty store, and a discount store, and was able to pull a dress from each store that adhered to the client’s guidelines.
The first store the group visited was Belk. The well-known department store is operating more than three hundred stores in sixteen states. Thomas Belk Sr., the original store owner reported that, “Each Belk store is unique by catering to the community and the personality of the people there, unlike JC Penney or Sears, which tend to be the same everywhere.” Belk stores offer customers services including gift wrapping, alterations, and a Belk Rewards credit card that earns a customer one point per one dollar spent, or charged, on the card.
The group chose a black dress with an A-line silhouette along with sheer bell sleeves. The MSK dress was constructed of 96% polyester, 4% spandex, and the sleeves were 100% polyester. The black dress can be easily laundered by machine washing in cold water and placed in the dryer on a low heat setting. The black dress was not lined and had seams and stitching that were loose from the manufacturing of the product. For this reason, the black dress from Belk received the lowest over-all score on quality.
Express is one of the largest franchise specialty stores and is marketed toward fashion conscious young men and women. Weekend party wear to interview wear, this specialty store has a...

... middle of paper ... is the one that best adheres to the needs of Mrs. Starnes. Although the thread at the seam stitches should have been done with more precision, the price makes up for the garment flaws.
The group took into consideration the client’s requests and budgetary restraints. The group discovered that high price does not always guarantee high quality. A wardrobe consultant has to have the knowledge of what fabrics are best for a particular garment, an adequate familiarity with seams, seam finishes, closures, and hems. This knowledge is needed to assess whether a garment was made in the right way and for the right use The group aspires to equip Mrs. Starnes with the skills needed to choose future wardrobe pieces by relaying the information acquired in this analysis to Mrs. Starnes, which will ensure the client is purchasing outfits that equates the amount of money expended.

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