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Click chemistry was created by taking cues from how nature naturally reacts. 1 The goal of Sharpless and colleagues was to create a number of selective blocks that could be connected in many different ways with the ability to work in many various applications. 1 For a reaction to be defined as click chemistry: “the reaction must be modular, wide in scope, give very high yields, and generate only inoffensive by products that can be easily removed” and it must have undemanding reaction conditions. 1 The high thermodynamic driving force of the click reaction is the reason click reactions are able to achieve their specified characteristics.1 High selectivity for a lone product and a rapid completion of the reaction is another feature of click reactions. 1 The formation of carbon-heteroatom bond reactions cover the majority of examples of click chemistry including cycloadditons of unstaturated species nucleophilic substitution reactions, non-aldol carbonyl chemistry , and addition carbon-carbon multiple bonds. 1
There are more than one click chemistry reaction types. There’s the nucleophilic opening of rings, cycloaddition reactions, and protecting group reactions. 1

There are various examples of click chemistry being coupled with controlled radical polymerization.
Three common controlled free radical polymerizations are: atom transfer readical polymerization (ATRP), nitroxide-mediated polymerization (NMP), and reversible-addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization.3 Click chemistry featuring the cycloaddtion of azide and terminal alkynes catalyzed by copper (I) were made popular by Sharpless.3 These reactions are very efficient and practical . The product of 1,2,3 triazole is very stable chemically. 3 The...

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...monomers including: various polyacylates, polystyrene, polymethacrylates, polyacrylnitrile, and polyethylene nitriles, and more. 5 The method for using ATRP with click chemistry is as follows: using alkyl- telechelic macromonomers, b) using azido-telechelic macromonomers, and c) using acetylenic or azido sidechain moeites. 4 Resource 4- Matyjaszewski and coworkers28 “ using a reaction between pendant nitrile moieties and sodium azide.(Scheme 3) used a type of Huisgen 1-3 dipolar cycloaddtion reaction to fix the azide group onto the sidechains of polyacrylonitrile or to polyacrylonitrile block copolymers using ATRP. The addition of the azide anion was catalyzed by using SnCl2 or ZnCl2 to create a tetrazole. The side chain modified polymers were then were then placed in a azide/alkyne click reaction using 3-azidopropyl methacrylate as the monomer (scheme 7 source4)>

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