Cleveland Not Cleaveland

Cleveland Not Cleaveland

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Cleveland, Ohio wasn’t always what it appears to be today. Cleveland is a very progressive culturally diverse city. It is steeped in history and culture and its residents have had a great impact on American culture and the way we live today. Cleveland is nothing but exciting. Cleveland is filled with great structure, history, and has wonderful attractions.
Cleveland is an extraordinary city. Cleveland contains one of the oldest neighborhoods and has some very interesting ones at that. The Tremont neighborhood is one of Cleveland’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods. “Tremont is known for its numerous and varied restaurants” (Mitchell, “Tremont Neighborhood” 1). The “St. Augustine’s Catholic Church” is located in the Tremont neighborhood and is of Victorian Architecture. The “St. Johns Cantius is favored by the polish community and is also located in Tremont neighborhood (Mitchell, “Tremont Neighborhood” 2). Tremont can be exciting. Throughout the year, a variety of events take place in Tremont, such as, monthly art walks, Taste of Tremont Festival, Tremont Art and Cultural Festival, Church of the Assumptions Greek Festival, and the St. John Polish Festival. Another great neighborhood in Cleveland is North Coast Harbor. Lake Erie is simply beautiful. Lake Erie is used for recreational activities (Mitchell, “Best Things About Living In Cleveland” 1). There are two trolleys downtown. There are two lines for the trolleys (Mitchell, “Get on Board the New RTA Downtown Trolleys” 1). Cleveland is an awesome city to live in and is very diverse.
Cleveland has a long and rich history. Cleveland was founded in 1796 (“Cleveland” 161). The first steamboat on Lake Erie was used for trade during the 1820’s. John d. Rockefeller started the Standard Oil Company during the 1860’s (“Cleveland, Ohio” 1). During the Civil War, Cleveland was part of the underground railroad (Usa Cities Online” 3). Cleveland is the world’s first city to be electrically lighted in 1879 (“Ohio Facts and Trivia” 3). America’s first traffic light was in Cleveland on August 5th, 1914 (Ohio Facts and Trivia1). The Cleveland Orchestra was founded in 1918 (Gale 172). The Cleveland clinic is one of the best hospitals in the United States. “The Cleveland clinic was established in 1921 by three WWI surgeons George Washington Crile, Frank Bunts, and William Lower (Mitchell, “About The Cleveland Clinic” 1). In Cleveland Harbor, The U.S.S. Cod is a WWII submarine in which visitors can climb in (Pearson 2). It also contains aspects of what Cleveland’s society is today.

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The Cleveland Browns was formed in 1946. Cleveland got a basketball team, The Cavaliers, in 1970 (“Cleveland, Ohio”1). LeBron James is on The Cleveland Cavaliers (Posnanski 1). LeBron James is famous and people speak of him a lot. Without an exciting history like Cleveland has, it wouldn’t be as popular. Cleveland’s residents and fantastic attractions have had a great impact on what the city is today. The museums and attractions are wonderful. “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located in Cleveland.” It has a lot of old music in it. (Sherrow 106). Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has more than 3,100 mammals, birds, and Fish (“Usa Cities Online” 4). The Cleveland Museum of Art has over 34,000 works of art (“Usa Cities Online” 5). Some artists are El Greco; Rembrandt; Goya; Lucientes; Turner; Moneti; Renoir and the ones that are the most famous are VanGogh and Picasso (“Usa Cities Online” 4). Interesting things have happened in Cleveland. The shoreline of Lake Erie and Cleveland was home to Ottawa, Huran, and the Iroquois (Pearson 3). Two high school students in Cleveland created Superman (Pearson 4). The set, “The Drew Carey Show” was filmed in Cleveland (“Ohio Facts and Trivia” 2). The “a” in Cleveland was left out so it could fit in the newspaper (“Cleveland” 166). The city’s name was changed permanently from Cleaveland to Cleveland. An interesting thing happened in Cleveland. A 33-year-old woman was arrested in Cleveland for impaired driving and she claims that Ozzy Osborne and his music made her do it (“The Road To Nowhere leads To… Cleveland?” 1).
Cleveland, Ohio is advanced in culture. The neighborhoods are wonderful. Many people live in Cleveland. The history of Cleveland is exciting. Cleveland is an interesting place to live. Cleveland could probably in the future, be better than Los Angeles.

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