Cleopatra Vii Thea Philopater And Queen Of The Iceni Tribe Essay

Cleopatra Vii Thea Philopater And Queen Of The Iceni Tribe Essay

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History is told by the victors, thereby in many instances the sources and evidence surrounding significant figures are biased or incorrect by omission. Two examples of such misrepresentation are the last Egyptian pharaoh, Cleopatra VII Thea Philopater and Queen of the Iceni tribe, Boudicca. Prejudice is obvious in various Roman sources surrounding these women. This is due to the texts being written by men whose view of women was tainted by their culture; as a result, these women were represented with lies and misogyny. This has shaped the negative way in which modern society views Cleopatra and Boudicca. Women ruling or in a place of power was far removed from the Roman way of life, so the Romans immediately believed both Boudicca and Cleopatra should have been weak and docile, which clearly they weren’t. When the myths and misinformation is peeled back, it would seem that these two women were simply doing the best they could to protect both their citizens and territory from significant Roman threat.

Due to biased Roman sources, the way in which modern society views both Cleopatra and Boudicca is far removed from the entire truth. Cleopatra is portrayed today as a physically beautiful harlot and the fact that her story is impossibly intertwined with both Julius Caesar’s and Marc Antony’s provide a source for gossip. She is also misrepresented through various plays and films including William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra and Elizabeth Taylor’s portrayal of Cleopatra in Cleopatra (INCLUDE A PIC ON MY POWERPOINT!!! ALSO DESCRIBE THIS). Many of the false claims surrounding Cleopatra stem from Octavian’s propaganda during his civil war with Marc Antony. Octavian’s campaign of slander was successful as by the end of the civil ...

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...h powerful cities such as Rome (examples of alliance with Caesar, Antony and the attempt with Octavian). Cleopatra’s ultimate goal in coming into power was to restore Egypt to its former glory and to do this she realised that she would need to make some powerful alliances, with influential societies such as Rome. Since in Roman culture a woman has little to no place Cleopatra realised that the Romans would not take her rule seriously and as such she had to gain he trust of influential men such as Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, also majority of Rome feared that Cleopatra would become the Queen of Rome. Thus both Cleopatra and Boudicca were not idiotic or irrational as some of the Roman sources suggest, but rather women who ruled strongly in the positions they had and simply wanted to protect their people and in Cleopatra’s case restore her city to its former glory.

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