The Cleanup Of A Nuclear Disaster At The Three Mile Island Reactor Essay

The Cleanup Of A Nuclear Disaster At The Three Mile Island Reactor Essay

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Not only are nuclear power plants expensive to build and maintain, they are expensive to repair, decommission, and clean up after. After several decades of activity, nuclear power plants tend to require repairs because of wear and tear. These repairs, nonetheless, are expensive. Eight reactors are currently in decommission because companies find it too expensive to fix old reactors, as reported by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Gang’s article. When a nuclear reactor fails and there is an accident, extensive damages are done to the surrounding environment. These damages result in billions of lost dollars. In addition, the cleanup of a nuclear disaster is costly and time consuming. The nuclear disaster at the Three Mile Island reactor took 14 years to cleanup and a total of 1 billion dollars was used in the process, according to Clemmitt. The melt down of three reactors in the accident of Fukushima is still being cleaned up five years later. In Soble’s article, the Japanese government states that a full cleanup of the site, which includes the extraction of melted uranium fuel fro...

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