The Cleansing Properties of Cow Urine Essay

The Cleansing Properties of Cow Urine Essay

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According to Hindu thought Pavithra Jal is Holy water which purifies the mind and body. Panchagavya or the five products from the cow- urine, dung, milk, curd and ghee, used in ayurveda, and Hindu rituals- are believed to have cleansing properties, much like the waters of the Holy Ganges, Lake Pushkar or the Mahamgam Pond.However skeptics may have reservations about the purity and efficacy of the Panchagavya.. Further modern distillation methods to extract the active principle in a bioactive form may help alleviate the queasiness associated with consuming cow urine.
The Holy Cow has a special place in , Hindu mythology and scriptures. The Vedic people believed that the body of the cow houses several demy-gods besides Mahalakshmi. It is revered as a maternal figure or Go Matha because it gives milk throughout its life. When we see Shiva along with the black cow, we are able to overcome the malefic effects of planets in our natal horoscope.(e.g.Sri Akilandeswari temple-Tiruvanikoil) When we see the ankles of the cow we protect ourselves from sudden death. Circumambulating the cow is equivalent to visiting all the holy places.It is Lord Krishna who symbolized the relationship man should have with the cow . Nakul from the Mahabharata was known as a famous cow urine therapist. The cow is the only divine living being that has a Surya Ketu Nadi (vein connected to sun) passing through her backbone. The Surya Ketu vein interacts with the sun’s rays to produce gold salts in the cow’s blood. Therefore cow's milk, butter and ghee have a golden hue. These salts are present in the cow's
milk and other bodily fluids, which miraculously cure many diseases.
If by chance the cow ingests some poisonous or harmful material, it is deto...

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...g capability, phosphatic solubilisation capability, etc. (US patent No. 7097830 dated 29/8/06).
European Patent—EP1330253B1 for using cow urine Bioactive fraction, as bio enhancer of anti-infective, anti-cancer agents and nutrients is expected soon
Also CSIR has filed US patent for Amrit Pani (mixture of cow dung + cow urine + jaggery) from NBRI Lucknow for soil health improvement properties
All the above claims had been made in Charaka Samhita, Sushrut, Vaghbhati and Nighantu, Ratnakar, etc.
The above examples very well prove the utility of cow dung and urine for sustainable agriculture as well as for almost curing or giving relief in many serious diseases like psoriasis, eczema, asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, renal failures and cancer, etc.
Cow urine contains 24 types of salts as well as iron, calcium, phosphorous, carbonic acid, potash and lactose.

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