The Clean Water Act Of The United States Essay example

The Clean Water Act Of The United States Essay example

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The EPA’s proposed Waters of the United States rule is very harmful to the United States and should not be enacted. This rule negatively affects farmers, it takes away state rights, and it hurts the economy.
The Waters of the United States, also known as the Clean Water Act, is very harmful to agricultural in the United States. The Clean Water Act came into affect in 1972. Under this act the EPA and U.S. Army of Corps of Engineers have authority over “navigable water,” defined as “waters of the United States.” Anyone who wants to discharge a pollutant into “waters of the United States” must obtain a permit from either the EPA or the Army Corps of Engineers depending on the type of discharge involved. The EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proposed the “Waters of the United States” rule which is a new part of the clean water act. This rule involves all waters that are currently used, were used in the past or that may be susceptible to use in the future for interstate or foreign commerce. The interstate waters include wetlands and territorial seas. This rule also pertains to ditches excavated completely in uplands which drain only uplands as well as ditches that do not contribute flow either directly or through another water to a traditional navigable water.
The proposed rule negatively affects farmers. This rule would force farmers and ranchers to have a special permit every time they wanted to work around one of these navigable waters. According to American Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman, “Federal permits would be needed for common farming activities such as applying fertilizer or pesticides, or moving cattle, if materials that are considered pollutants would fall into regulated low spots or ditches” (Stallman 2014). F...

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... will need more money to operate. The EPA gets its money from taxpayer dollars, so this means business and farmers will have to pay higher taxes to support an agency which unjustly regulates them, and they will have to follow regulations that they don’t think is right. This will be just another example of a federal organization growing and wasting taxpayer’s dollars on a proposed law that majority of Americans are against.
The “Waters of the United States” rule should not be enacted as proposed by the EPA. This rule negatively affects farmers, it takes away state rights, and it hurts the economy. Many senators and representatives from the Farm Bureau have strongly advocated against this proposed law as have people from a variety of sectors. It is time for the EPA to start listening to what the citizens of the United States have to say and “Ditch the Rule.”

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