Clean Water: a Necessity Essay

Clean Water: a Necessity Essay

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The average household uses around 350 gallons of clean water daily, so imagine our lives without clean water available whenever we needed it. Currently, water is plentiful and we don’t give a second thought to how often we actually use it in our day to day lives. Every day we use water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, irrigating and other common jobs. If water for some reason became scarce in today’s society, the effects could be fatal. There would soon be a costly price put on the ability to enjoy clean, fresh water.
The first thing we, as American’s, do whenever there is a shortage of something, in this case something very valuable, such as clean water, is no longer make this necessity free. Soon our water would be sold at an inflated price, similar to gas; the prices of something that were once very cheap and affordable would now be at record highs, costing people hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars a month. Clean water is absolutely vital to one’s survival and mankind wouldn’t be able to survive without it.
Every day American’s use water to take a shower, make coffee, mo...

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