The Clean Slate By Mary Shelley Essay

The Clean Slate By Mary Shelley Essay

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When Al Capone was born on January 17, 1899, nobody thought he would grow up to be one of the most notorious mobsters in all of crime history. Not many assumptions are made towards newborn babies, but the parenting that lies ahead determines its place in society. There are also many brilliant minds that grew up to be known for hard work and dedication. For example, the famous Steve Jobs was born an unknown man, but made himself known with the company Apple. His parents always supported his adventures in technology, especially his mom. His mom always had food ready for his group to continue their quest for new technology. Paul and Clara Jobs, his parents, always supported him and pushed him to work hard in school, which eventually led him to create a majorly known business and his success story. Most people are born with no assumptions about their personality or how they will function in society. The “clean slate” is shown in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley when the monster is born. Society and the bad persona wrapped around the monster creates a horrific atmosphere around his character. But, this creature could be seen as an outcast looking for his creator. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, she portrays two perspectives of how one is born, evil or with a clean mindset.
Victor Frankenstein views his creation as a disgrace to society and believes that it was born evil. Right when the monster was created, Victor couldn’t bare to see his face and what he had made. The evidence of his violence can be seen when he kills William, Henry, and Elizabeth. During his death, the monster says “...this death will carry despair to him, and a thousand other miseries shall torment and destroy him” (Shelley 122). The monster is exhibited exploding in a ...

... middle of paper ...

...change his perspective on his deformities. His innocence can be seen in William’s final moments and his intentions are clear to one who overlooks Victor’s biased opinions. The creation’s perspective on the moments leading up to William’s death conveys that he was created with a clean mindset.
The dominant perspective of Victor fails to show the innocence of the creation throughout the story. To balance out the perspectives, Mary Shelley develops two sides of the story with Williams’s death portraying the monster’s bright intentions. Victor’s lack of time spent with the monster left him to a path of evilness and eagerness for someone to sympathize with. But, the monster’s actions leading up to the death of William display that the creation was born with a pure mindset. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein exhibits two aspects of how one is born, evil or with a clean mindset.

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