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“Clean Diesel Technology”
“Air pollution in the United States continues to harm people’s health and the environment”(EPA).Many people are burning an immense amount of money every year and they do not even know it. People choose a gasoline powered engine over a diesel engine because they think its cheaper. However diesel owners save a vast amount of money every year. Diesel is not what it used to be, it has gradually changed over the years. Ultra low sulfur fuel is being used as alternative fuel to make a diesel engine clean. Diesel engines are the best choice because they save money and it is better for the environment.
The inventor of diesel was Rudolf Diesel; he patented his invention in 1898. “Diesel is a petroleum based fuel with a high energy content helping diesel go further per gallon than most other alternatives”(Diesel Forum). Instead of using a spark plug inside the combustion chamber to ignite the air/fuel mixture, a diesel engine compresses it. A combustion chamber is a closed space where the explosion happens inside the engine. When people think of diesel they may think of huge 18 wheeler trucks. Big 18 wheeler trucks are made to transport goods and other materials. 18 wheeler trucks have incredible torque and miles per gallons(MPG) compared to a gasoline engine.”Diesel is more than 33% more efficient than gasoline is when it comes to your fuel mileage”(Cars Direct). Diesels have a bad reputation for being too loud and too dirty compared to other vehicles. But all of that has changed throughout the years. Diesel engines can be used in farming, mining, construction and in the movement of goods. Diesel engines are used all around people everyday. Most public transportation run on diesel engines like buses, and trains....

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