Claus v. Bunny Essay

Claus v. Bunny Essay

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Claus v. Bunny

I had my two month old baby in her new Easter dress all ready to go to the mall. I was thrilled she looked so cute. I double checked to make sure I had the diaper bag, and the camera. As I loaded her into her car seat and into the car I was careful to make sure her dress did not wrinkle. When I arrived at the mall I felt more anticipation than a child does on Christmas morning. I cautiously lifted her out of the car seat, put her jacket on and equipped the camera. As I raced into the mall and marched towards the line of children I saw my daughter's face turn from happiness to fear but I did not know why. After all, it was only a white bunny, she could not be scared of that. Could she? I was certain that she would only be scared for a minute but my theory was quickly proven wrong.
After waiting in the line for what seemed like an eternity, listening to the interminable requests of the other children, it was finally our turn. As I moved toward the bunny my daughter pushed herself up against my body. I had to pry her away to set her down on the his lap....

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