Claudius And Erich - Original Writing Essay

Claudius And Erich - Original Writing Essay

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When night fell, Leslie and I sat patiently waiting for Claudius and Erich wondering who would be the first to show up. Erich beat him arriving minutes before.
"It 's been a long time since I 've seen you.” He smiled. “Are you feeling alright?"
"Yeah, thanks to Leslie."
"Well, I 'm glad to hear that.”
We heard a knock at the door to find Claudius with a bouquet of roses.
"For my lovely Maricel." He handed them to me. I leapt into his arms.
“Thank you!”
“They’re almost as beautiful as you” He commented.
"Isn 't that cute." Leslie chuckled to her boyfriend.
"I guess." He commented sarcastically. "We better get going." He said with the jingle of his keys and everyone treaded behind him out the door. Claudius and I sat in the back together while Leslie and Erich in the front. I noticed Claudius eyes kept shifting.
"You look uncomfortable?" I said to Claudius.
"I 've never ridden in the backseat of anyone’s car before."
"There’s a first for everything" I rested my hand on top of his.
We arrived right on time and pomaded to the front of the line. The doormen found all of our names on the guest list except Claudius’s.
"Sorry pal, you can 't get through." The doorman used his arm as a barrier. I caught the hint of a smile that formed on Erich 's lips infuriating me. “You didn 't reserve a spot for him?" I snapped.
"They must have made a mistake. Well, I can 't fix it. Come on Leslie." He hurried inside with her.
"What are we going to do?" I asked, turning to Claudius troubled.
"Next!" The man shouted. "If you are going to go in, then go, but your boyfriend here isn 't getting inside."
"Watch." He grabbed the man 's shoulder.
"I told you aren’t getting in."
"Do you know who I am?" He asked.
"No, and I don 't care! Now...

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...l, no one gets us because what are we?” He peered down at me, his eyes filled with concern.
“Something that never should have been” I whispered softly as he swept me into his arms.
“You know, it was never my intent to drag you away from your career” I started to cry, and I tried to hide my face from him by burying it in my hands as the tears stung my cheeks.
“It all seems so unfair. I spend my entire life chasing this dream I work so hard to obtain, and now I have to kiss it all goodbye.” He removed my hands from my face, revealing my swollen countenance.
“Life is not fair, but trust me, I will atone for what you are leaving behind.”
“Without you, my life is just a short trip through the bright lights. I don’t have any real friends. But where would we even go?" I whimpered.
"I have a place, but that is only if you are willing to come."
"Give me time." I muttered.

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