Classrooms Throughout the Decades Essay

Classrooms Throughout the Decades Essay

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Throughout the years classrooms have become a more advanced educational playground made for students to succeed. It is a major part of a child’s life from the age of 5 to around 18. Students get up every morning, homework completed, and rush to homeroom to catch the bell. But has one ever wondered if life for students was always like this? Will schools always exist? Because of technology these answers are already in our hands. Technology plays a vital part in the school classroom’s layout today.
Schools have not always been up to speed as they are today. Most students lived a simple rural life and didn’t have the money to provide all the advancement used in this day of age. Schools basic outlook was to educate children enough to teach them to succeed on their farm at home. This made the school days shorter and the work day longer. Many children did not go to school which caused many one- roomed school houses to shoot up across the country. These classrooms contained slate, chalk, and a few books giving the teacher mostly the ability to teach through oral lessons. For the desks parents chimed in and built them with extra wood from the farm while other parents provided wood for the wood burning stove to keep the heat inside the classroom. Most classrooms had an open stable to provide a place for children’s horses for transportation. When it came to teachers in the classrooms life was a lot different. Many teachers were younger than their students and didn't require a degree for teaching. Many teachers lived in their students’ farm homes rotating from family to family. Their teaching methods often were based upon literacy, penmanship, arithmetic, and “good manners.” At the end of the day oral tests were given to make sure the studen...

... middle of paper ... has and will continue to transform classrooms. It started as one room school houses with homemade desks and wood burning stoves and now has become an advanced system of electronics and fewer textbooks each year. In the future there will be no such thing as pencils, paper, and textbooks to hold in one’s hand because of the effect technology beholds upon the classroom setting. Classrooms will no longer be one room with a teacher but several hundred across the world. There is no other way to explain the result of classroom’s generations without pinpointing the amazing technology.

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