The Classroom With Esl And Ell Students Essay example

The Classroom With Esl And Ell Students Essay example

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This research study is trying to understand how computers can be used in the classroom with ESL and ELL students. This study is aimed more toward teachers to see how it will affect their classrooms and ways that teachers can use computers to support their lesson plans. The researchers are looking to see how ESL teachers respond to the use of technology in the classroom.
The purpose of this study was to see how ESL or ELL teachers can adjust to using computers in the classroom. This study encouraged teachers to try new approaches to better reach out to students whose native language is not English. They want to explore students’ motivation and engagement when teachers implement the use of technology. It is important to note that researchers are looking for changes made to the structure of the class with the computers and not necessarily utilization of the computers for a couple activities, but as a part of a lesson plan.
If teachers can successfully implement the use of computers in the classroom then they will be able to alter the structure of their teaching style to suit their students’ needs. Students react positively to the use of technology in the classroom and this study wants to determine how teachers will utilize computers in a way that changes their approach to teaching. If teachers can successfully implement computers in the classroom computer based learning could become an important aspect of ESL curriculum.
Research Methodology
The study took place over the time span of a semester and involved 10 ESL/ELL educators. Participants had a 50 minute face interview once. Codes were established for motivation, scores, and computers as tools which is what researchers used to compile data. Researchers wanted...

... middle of paper ...

...uded demographic information and the questions that they asked teachers during the interview. I think having at least one initial interview is important and sets the tone for the rest of the research. Almost all studies should have some form of quantitative data within their research because it does provide more in-depth knowledge about the participants in the study.
I do not think 10 teachers alone can provide any real information. The study should have been expanded to a larger audience. The more teachers involved, the more schools involved. I think it is interesting that the schools range in funds, which determines the model and accessibility of computers. Knowledge should be free and all people should have access to computers. If the study had been expanded there could have been more concrete information provided on the use of computers as a new teaching style.

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