The Classroom Walls Were Decorated With Bright Colorful Poster Essay

The Classroom Walls Were Decorated With Bright Colorful Poster Essay

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This classroom feels like a safe, inviting, positive, organized, spacious,
colorful place for all students and anyone who enters the classroom.
What things does the teacher actually do and say to create the tone? The tone of the class was calm, quiet, organized, and mutual respect. The classroom walls were decorated with bright colorful poster that illustrated positive and encouraging thoughts. The room was well organized; the students desks was spaces, and the floor was clean. When students entered the classroom, the teacher grated all her student and give them a brief instruction to do upon entering the class. The teachers tone of voice always remained calm and confident at all times. The teacher organizational skill were amazing, which caused the students to stay on task and focus on the lesson. She made sure all students have supplies. Also, she demanded one hundred percent participation, by making sure students were listening and following directions. I notice that the students respected her, even the students with behavior issues.

What are the big ideas about teaching and learning that seem to be conveyed by the classroom ambience? The classroom ambience created a safe and conducive classroom. The teacher developed timeline poster, class routine, daily norms and schedules that amplify student learning. The teacher created a method that allows students to transition effectively and fluently. The teacher created a safe and nurturing environment for the students, by demonstrates respect and concern for them all through her interactions. She allowed the students to interact with each other, such as peer tutoring and grouping. So, she communicated professional and showed care and respect for her students. Sh...

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...bserve instruction, check: The math teacher, Mrs. Ballard, has been teaching for over 30 years. She keep things moving and changes activities to help students retain. She pace is slow enough to ensure that all students comprehend the lesson, but fast enough to keep the students learning. The transition in her class is established and orderly. The students are well trained during transition. However, the transition does not serving double duty. After the teacher has taught the lesson and students are completing the assignment, the teacher intervenes with the students in a small group. Students who finish early serve as peer tutors.
List two or more things you learning about classroom management by observing this teacher and classroom. 1.) Classroom management improves over time and with skills. 2.) Classroom arrangement has a major effects on learning and safety.

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